weekend bliss

17 Sep

I spent last weekend visiting my parents and finally got round to giving my mam the snood I made her for her birthday!

It turn out to be lovely and she really liked it, so much that she still hasn’t taken it off. Well, she did for an hour when we sat in the hot tub drinking beer! Yes, hot tub!! My parents got one this summer to top off their amazing garden, and god they deserve it with the amount of work they put into it!

So we spent Saturday evening in said hot tub chilling, drinking, chatting and getting rained on, and I mean it bucketed (an experience I advise everyone have)!

Anyway we are once again at the weekend and as I have spent all week running around, sewing and knitting up my new man’s sock design I am planning to chill out this weekend, too! Unfortunately, not in a hot tub this time as I haven’t managed to persuade the missus to invest in one yet! The house is stocked with food and drink, so I plan not to leave until Monday

Happy weekend!! Check out the song ‘Funky Weekend’ by The Stylistics for great weekend listening!!

PS, I edited the photo of me in the hot tub with my new phone app, colour splash!!!


2 Responses to “weekend bliss”

  1. emmms 18 September 2010 at 8:09 am #

    Get a hot tub anyway — Aneet would love it! Haha! It sounds like you had such a perfect weekend; hope this one is just as lovely!

  2. pip 21 September 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    love the snood… probably best to take it off before the hot-tub :)

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