spangly knitting inspiration

25 Sep

Some times I’ll leave off my eager morning scroll through the Ravelry New Patterns pages for a few days, so I can luxuriate in all the new patterns over my morning Saturday coffee. I love this feature of Ravelry; in fact, I reckon it’s my very favourite feature. As much as I adore seeing what my favourite magazines and publishing houses are putting out, I love seeing the patterns coming from other independents and relative unknowns!

These are my picks from this morning:

Reindeer Socks by Sandra Jager — colourwork reindeer galore. They’re prancing!!

Possom Belly Hobo by Ann Weaver — mostly matching cardigan goodness. Gauntlet cuffs supreme!

Miss Bloomer’s Bifurcated Ensemble by Andrea Rangel — they’re bloomers. Man, I want bloomers.

Grundy by Ann Weaver — jaunty cyclist jersey. Same name as my future husband, thus super special.

Lutherie by Laura Chau — coat gorgeousness. Shapely, feminine, yet very subtle.

Balustrade by Adrienne Krey — drapey lace cowl. Mmmmalabrigo.

Miss Bloomer’s Bifurcated Ensemble


2 Responses to “spangly knitting inspiration”

  1. Loutheperson 25 September 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Love the bloomers!!

  2. pip 26 September 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    me too!!!… it’s gotta be the bloomers :)… oh and the reindeers ^..^

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