deep fall — brand new knitty

29 Sep

Autumn has definitely fallen over London. It’s grey, the skies are misty and there’s a dampness in the air that hasn’t quite gathered but is well on its way to heralding November rain.

The turning of leaves largely bypasses us here in the city, which is a shame. It’s so magical when it happens. There was this one tree in our neighbourhood in Toronto when I was growing up that began to turn three weeks before any other try. It seemed to light up the sky, bursting with fiery oranges and vivid reds, and would hold on to the colours right up until they detached and carpeted the grass below.

(I saw Scott Pilgrim last week and I am so nostalgic for Toronto! If you watch that film, my sense of style will suddenly all fall into place. My name is Emma and I am a Toronto Indie Kid, whether I like it or not.)

In any case, the new fall issue of Knitty is out and I am LOVING it! It is a bumper issue. There’s about a billion patterns, making it very difficult to cull out my favourite favourites, but I think I’ve managed.

First up, the Carnaby Skirt by Nikol Lohl. The details are delightful, the shaping actually flattering —  rare and welcome combination in a knitted skirt. I’m teaching again this year and I rather think this skirt will be a perfect addition to my lecturer chic wardrobe.

Next, a toss up between the gorgeous Spry Hat by Stacey Trock and the terribly elegant Lady’s Travelling Cap brought to us by Franklin Habit.

Where the Spry Hat boasts interesting construction and an almost moddish feel,

the Lady’s Travelling Cap is an inspiring blend of olde worlde subdued elegance and lady-like gentleness.

My third pick is the Ringwood Gloves by Rebecca Blair. These gloves are dainty and stylish and feature the same stitch pattern as the socks I made my grandad before he died. I was thinking of making these for myself, but actually I think I’ll make them for my mum.

Last but certainly not least is Beatnik by Norah Gaughan. That face says it all. I love the shape; I love the cables; I love the playfulness of it. It’s a gorgeous piece of work (and one that I think might well go nicely with the Carnaby Skirt — I don’t mind being covered in knitting for a day).


One Response to “deep fall — brand new knitty”

  1. pip 29 September 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    oh… I love the skirt… perfect for Autumn/Winter :)

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