nifty napkins and perfect picnic

6 Oct

Last Wednesday me and emmms finally managed to get a few hours out of our insanely busy lives to meet up, do a photo shoot and enjoy a bit of a picnic!!!! (although I cant believe it has now been a week since then, where does the time go??)

The weather was on our side and after a trip to sainsburys for some picnic goodies we set up camp in my newly tidied garden. (thankfully I managed to get out there for a good tidy the saturday before!)

It felt like so long since we both got together to photograph our loumms stock and it was starting to get to both of us. One of the things we both love about making our bags and aprons etc is the time we get to spend cooing over them before we bag them up and ship them out, the whole photo soot process is also a love of ours but this one imparticular was very special as we were photographing brand new stock!!!

Once again emmms great eye for photo stlye proved priceless as that, mixed with some juicy strawberries, a wicker basket and freshly baked bread, gave us what I think are our best shop photos yet!!

Our Lunch Box/Picnic/Party/Baby/Every Day Double-Sided Earth-Friendly Cloth Napkins have been floating around in our ‘to sew’ pile for ages but now have their place in our (almost) new etsy shop loummsmakesmore

alongside some more of our Handy All-Purpose Gardening/Market/Kitchen/Craft aprons

Thankfully I know its not going to be too long till I see emmms again as we are off to The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace this Saturday, see you all there hopfully!!!!!


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