fo: #23 lace yoke pullover

17 Nov

I call this my superknitter pose

Pattern: #23 Lace Yoke Pullover by Sandi Prosser

Yarns: Fyberspates British Merino DK in deep plum, Heaven’s Hand in saffron and Madelinetosh Eyre in dove grey

Needles: 3.5 and 4 mm KnitPicks Options circs

A triumvirate of colour

Comments: I’ve been working up the courage to knit this jumper for ages and ages and finally a few weeks ago, in a flurry of stash reconsiderations, decided it was now or never. I’m so glad I did, too. I cannot get over how awesome this jumper is. It’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever made. It’s still pompomless, but there will be pompoms. Oh yes. There will be pompoms.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous tackling a Vogue pattern in the beginning. If you listen to some people, it seems like Vogue patterns are notorious for having discrepancies between the pictures of the garment and the pattern for that garment. I know of a few people who just won’t knit anything from Vogue at all because they figure it’s all styling and no substance.

But I had no problems with this piece at all (other than my apparent inability to count in places, and that much is definitely all me). In fact, I followed it to the letter and I’m really glad I did.

As soon as I decided I was definitely going to knit this project, I knew I wanted it to be in the Fyberspates British Merino I had in my stash. I picked up the Heaven’s Hand in saffron from the Loop booth at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally and the Madelinetosh Eyre in dove grey from another booth (I can’t remember at all which one, unfortunately). All three have an amazing hand, though quite different. The ‘Spates and Hand are both plump and deliciously squooshy, while the ‘Tosh is much more fat and silken. I’m not wild about how the mill joined the yarn for the merino, but it was easily remedied and I haven’t been put off using the yarn at all (I’m currently using it in another colourway for a jumper for Matthew). Plus meant I got to practice my spit-splicing (Ann Hanson would be so proud: it seems I fall into the ‘magic spit’ category!). I would definitely recommend each of the yarns to anyone looking for a good knit.

In which I am very studious

Incidentally, this is one of the few proper Fair Isle pieces I’ve worked on and I would really recommend it to anyone wanting to branch out on their skills a bit. The jumper itself is primarily plain stockinette until you get to the yoke, which gives it really nice interest right towards the end, which is where I usually start to fade on projects. There’s no shaping (which some people mightn’t like, but I think works for this piece) and it’s completely seamless. The finished piece not only looks fab but it is was an absolute pleasure to knit, start to finish.

Further details can be found here and here.


3 Responses to “fo: #23 lace yoke pullover”

  1. pip 17 November 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    It’s beautiful… well done :)

  2. Roobeedoo 18 November 2010 at 11:32 am #

    Ooh yeah – very Uni-friendly / vintagey / contemporary all rolled into one – and purple too!

  3. CanarySanctuary 19 November 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    Woo! Such awesome colours. And seamless? Be still, me heart!

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