groundhog day

29 Nov

For the past month or so, when it comes to knitting, I feel like I have been stuck in groundhog day.

I have had many projects on the needles but have not been able to get any even close to casting off.

I have no idea what caused this, I love all of the projects, they are all things I enjoy knitting and I have been working on all of them, so why wer’nt they going anywhere??

I really wanted to get my Marigold Glows ( Glows by Julia Mueller) ready for my holiday to NYC, that didnt happen so I took them on the plane (wooden DPN’s in pencil case) but even after a seven hour flight the thumb was still on scrap yarn! So frustrating!

Another project is my new mens sock design. This pattern has been around the houses since the beginning, perfecting it has become an obsession and ripping back has become a constant, however I worked out how I wanted it to be at least 3 weeks ago but it was still not coming on any further!! Why???

My sisters baby shower is in January and I was so prepared and ahead of time when I started the baby blanket (based on Lion Brans Hooded Baby Blanket) over a month ago, but once again the blanket still wasn’t growing!!

Just to make matters worse for myself, last week I cast on The Perfect Christmas Sweater by Just Call Me Ruby(Susan Crawford), hoping I could wear it for my work christmas party, not likely the way things were going!!

Anyway I was getting so frustrated with it all that as soon as my love suggested staying in this weekend I knew this was my chance to get things moving forward. I am not sure if my frame of mind suddenly changed or what but it worked!!

Now my gloves are ready to wear

the blanket has 3 edges (waiting for extra yarn which has been ordered!) 1 to go

and my new mens sock is charted and ready to knit up!!

Although the christmas sweater is still sitting at work at the point I left it last week, I am totally focused on finishing it for christmas day!

What a difference a lazy weekend makes to a knitting block!!


3 Responses to “groundhog day”

  1. emmms 29 November 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Haha! What a difference indeed! I can’t believe how much you’ve got finished — that blanket didn’t even have one complete edging on it on Friday!

    I love those gloves; Julie Mueller is so talented! I’ve got her Autumn Leaves pattern and as soon as I’m finished my sisters mitts, I’m casting them on.

  2. pip 29 November 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    hey good for you :) I love your marigolds!


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