making mag, it works!!

20 Jan

At the end of last year I set up a subscription to Making magazine. I heard about it in another mag I get and I was very excited about the whole concept.
A magazine not just designed to aim at one craft but a huge heap of projects in all styles split into 6 sections, wardrobe, garden, bathroom, living, kitchen, and techniques, using crafts like sewing, knitting, painting, woodwork, and cooking. Not only that but packed with articles and stories of crafters and their love of what they do!!

When the first one arrived I just ripped it out of it’s wrapper with delight, could wait to see what I could spy, to begin, an article about craft, perfect. Then a Q and A with a talented paper craft seamstress, and a tutorial and history piece about sewing machines but to be honest I was a little dissapointed with the projects.

I flipped through the pages and yes there was a couple of good ideas, like how to cover a fabric chair seat and how to make different sorts of pickles but nothing really jumped out at me.

I put it away thinking ‘ok it’s just the first one, the second issue will probably be better, give them a chance you perfectionist’ so I waited for issue two.

Again a few good things and a couple of great articles about patchwork and quilting that will come in very handy with a new loumms makes more project,  but its not quite there yet..

Skip forward to issue 3 and my god it was amazing!! Not just one good project but 6!!! They have done it, and to get it this good in 3 issues is a feat to admire!!

So issue 3 of making magazine, articles about lighting designers followed by a turtorial on how to re cover a lampshade of your own (this will come in very handy with a secret project I am working on!) a ‘what to buy’ guide on hand mixers

 and the projects ……..

Renovating and customising a lampshade!!

The cutest little sleeveless shirt

Delicious dreamy truffles recipe (which I plan to make at the weekend!)

A guide on how to create your own blend of bath salts


A lovely mirror for the garden

and my absolute favourite, how to build your own compost bin!!!

I had better get a move on with these projects cos if the rest of the issues are any where near as good as this one Ill be  all ‘projected’ out for the rest of the year!!!!!

Thanks Making mag!!!


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