a new year’s resolutions

25 Jan
  1. Plan our wedding.
    So far so good!! Since 1 January we’ve put up our bans, got our date in June confirmed, dress-hunting dates are in the works, lace shawl patterns are being sorted and we WOULD have had our parents meet for the very first time last weekend, but Mum woke up with a headcold and the future in-laws had only got in at 3 that morning, so we’ve rescheduled to this weekend coming at our reception venue, eep!
  2. Keep knitting through my Dream Sweater List.
    Last year I finished my Lace Yoke Pullover and Matthew’s Cobblestone (if not decent pictures of either of them), both on schedule. Sometime between Christmas and New Year I cast on Welt and Rib Raglan by Shayna Zelko, from Interweave Knits, Winter 2008.

    I’m using the glorious, GLORIOUS Devon Fine Fibres Bowmont DK from my stash, which I just adore working with. I had originally wanted to finish it before the start of term, but working on my thesis got in the way (a good thing, methinks). I reckon if I can have it blocking by 31 Jan, I’ll be SORTED for the rest of the year.

  3. Post to Loumms at least once a week.
    Er… So, I’ve failed on this one so far, but if I make it up with another three posts this week, that counts, doesn’t it?
  4. The Great Big Garden Project.
    I totally slid on the garden front over the summer last year and I am desparate to bring my garden back to form. It looks so sad and weedy right now. Poor neglected beast. I’ve got a schedule for seeding in place and it’s looking promising. Oooh, one of my catch-up posts this week should be this schedule. Then I’ll HAVE to stick to it. The Internet will know I if I haven’t.
  5. Bake a loaf of bread a week.
    Already started! I love my own bread so much more than store-bought, but since I started working in-house again — even though it’s only two days a week, combine it with working on my thesis and teaching one day a week, trying to plan a wedding, maintaining some semblance of sanity — I’ve spent my weekends collapsed in a heap. Nonetheless, I really do love my own bread. I feel better when I make it and better still when I eat it and I’m determined to keep up with this. I should really post again in a few months’ time to see if I’m sticking to it.
  6. Exercise.
    I’ve always been fairly sporty. I did loads of competitive sports when I was in school, yoga for years, lifeguarded for even more years; I cycle/walk everywhere and go running regularly. HOWEVER, in spite of having grown up in Canada, I am a TOTAL WUSSFACE and cannot bear cycling/running in the cold. I’ll happily walk wherever you need me to go, but my little hands get cold when I cycle! And I get cramp! And my face starts hurting! I know it’s not -40C outside, like in some places, but I still wimp out. Every time I even look at my type pump or dig out my trainers. Thus, I’ve join a gym. Yep. I have turned into one of those. A gym-goer. I never thought it possible, but there you are. And you know I actually enjoy running on a treadmill? I certainly never thought THAT would be possible! The gym at my uni has a great schedule of yoga and pilates classes that seems to be maintainable, so here’s hoping my enthusiasm keeps up!! (At least till June!)
  7. Publish my patterns, dammit.
    Lou and I have Big Heap Plans on this front. We’ve been working on a men’s sock pattern collection, including the Sloe Gin pattern, which we’re hoping to release fairly soon. Hopefully this will be a brans new year of socks!
  8. Get sewing!
    I miss sewing. I’ve hardly spent any time sewing in the last few months and I miss it. We moved out of our studio a couple of weeks ago because our own schedules have just been too crazy to do the space justice (it kind of sucks when you’ve only got an hour to spare and that translates into a mere 20 minutes actual sewing time once you get to your machine). But in moving out of the studio, we rediscovered a whole whack of amazing fabric!!! We have the BEST fabric stash ever. Seriously!!
  9. Dinner parties. Lots of dinner parties.
    Another one already under way. Our first was this past Friday — I made Broccoli and (Veggie) Sausage Pasta, with Super Garlicky Garlic Bread and a fresh green salad. It was delicious, the company was divine and the wine utterly delightful. I must remember to post the recipes I use when we have these shindigs (and this one will definitely make it into a catch-up post! It’s too good not to share!). The next one is in two weeks. I can’t wait!

I do have more that I want to achieve this year, but I rather think a list of 9 is just about supportable. Anyone else making resolutions this year? I kind of feel a bit passe, but goals are good, right? Happy 2011!

One Response to “a new year’s resolutions”

  1. loutheperson 25 January 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Wow, I have to agree with most of the above!!
    Lets hope we manage it alll! Anyway sice Ive started with my own resolutions I am really enjoying packing myself to the brim with things to do again!!! Hopefully that joy will continue and I wont collapse in a heap!

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