shawl the possibilities

2 Mar

I think I’m in love. I’ve been obsessing over Susanna IC’s shawl patterns for days. Last night I dreamt about which of her shawls I should try next, and woke up having almost decided… until I realised that I can’t go knitting up trial shawls for all of her patterns! That would be crazy! I’ve got three and a half months to work out which pattern I’m going for, what yarn I’m using and then to actually knit the damn thing — times FIVE!

Fortunately, these are not long drawn-out projects. They are quick, delightful and unsurprisingly addictive. I will be finishing up Annis this evening (essay-marking willing) and then all I have to is choose yarn for the Official Mums and get cracking on theirs. I’m not going to even consider starting Lou or Susanna’s until they have their dresses, and I need to wait until I know exactly what shade of ivory/champagne my headpiece is in person before picking out yarn for any of us.

In the meantime, I am looking to the Internet to help me choose which patterns to knit for the OMs. They’re not hip but they are stylish; they’re both hovering around 60; they both like to keep things relatively simple so that they can wear a piece with anything; and I would prefer that they don’t ‘keep this shawl for special’ only.

I’m definitely going to choose all five patterns from Susanna IC’s collection, but which is especially good for Wedding Mums? Listed in no particular order, what do you think (all pics link to the pattern’s Ravelry page):


Little Leaves



Winter Lilies






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