annis shawl, a traumatic tale

9 Mar

My Annis shawl is done! I really love this pattern. It’s simple but very effective. And, let’s face it, Malabrigo is lovely to knit with, so pretty pleasurable all round!

I finished this I think on Saturday, but had no time to block it until yesterday. I don’t have anywhere to pin it, particularly now that I’m using my yoga mat for its intended purpose. With yoga classes three times a week the last thing I need is a soggy shawl left in a heap while I go dragging my damp mat to class!


But with Susanna arriving this evening, I figured I’d better get it done before my living room is converted into the spare room! In lieu of using my yoga mat, I used a tall, metal ladder that used to be the side panel to an old bookcase. We dismantled the bookcase years ago but kept the sides because they’re actually useful. We use them to get into the loft, but mostly to hang up laundry to dry! Recently, I’ve discovered they are PERFECT for blocking lace, by tying the project down while still wet using yarn instead of pinning.

So yesterday I secured the three main points of my Annis, the two ends and the central point, then began tying the points into place. Then I began the laborious process of tying down the crescent ridge. And lo! What have we here?


That’s right. My bind off edge UNRAVELLED. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIND-OFF. I have no idea how this happened. It’s NEVER happened before! But here I was, mid-block.


The bind off was in perfect condition on either side of the unravelling, but towards the left side was an eighteen-stitch slippage. Instead of crying, I secured the dropped stitches and made sure the bound-off edge couldn’t undo itself further, using yarn and a cable needle as my anchors. Then I let the rest of the shawl dry. Fortunately it was a dry day and the shawl was blocked within a couple of hours. I then unpicked the bound-off edge to the tail, picked up all the loose stitches, picked up the dropped stitches and re-bound-off.


And, ta-da! A shawl! Way more trauma than a shawl usually causes, but a lovely new piece nonetheless and just in time for gallivanting about the city!


2 Responses to “annis shawl, a traumatic tale”

  1. Loutheperson 9 March 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    Oh no!!!
    What a nightmare!
    That happened to me a few months ago with my mams snood! I dropped a stitch in the bind off, thankfully like yours it was pretty easy to fix, just annoying when you want to see a lovely finished item and you just get more work!
    The shawl looks lovely!

  2. Rebecca 14 March 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    I would have cried, you’re a stronger woman than I. However, the shawl turned out beautiful… I love it.

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