garden diary

16 Mar

Third week of March

Today I got out my stash of seeds, it’s basically what me and Emmms had left over from our grow your own soup packs that we cant use as they are due to go out of date this year and a few I bought myself along the way.

There were also a few that went out of date in august last year but I’ve done a bit of research and apparently some out of date seeds still germinate so I’m gonna give them a try. If they are kept in a cool dry place they have a better chance!
There is a claim that some seeds were found in a egyptian tomb which were planted and grew and mine are certainly not that old!!! (Not sure how true this is as wiki thinks it’s false!!)

Basically my intent was to work out what I was going to plant this year.

I needed something to hold my gardening notes so am also checking out a new phone app on gardening.

Here is the list:

In date are; cabbage, squash, variety of herbs, salad leaves, pumpkin, carrot and lavender.

In the fingers crossed are; sweet pepper, celery, courgette, aubergine, cabbage, carrots, tomato, celery, pea and parsnip.

I am going to make sure I mark which ones are which!!!

The plan is to start them all off indoors again this year but I may transfer some outdoors as I picked up a small glass cold frame last week, although I still don’t trust the weather yet!

Next step is to prepare them to be sown!!


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