hodge podge paving – a tutorial

4 Apr

I recently turned the back of our garden from leaf, rubbish and general tip to a glorious area to sit out and enjoy the sun in!

Here’s how I did it!!

Step 1: gather together your equipment and tools

Paving slabs
Hose pipe
(I freecycled most of these things and they are pretty easy to come by!)

Step 2: prepare your space

Mark out where you want your paving to go, level out the ground as best as possible and border the entire patch by digging troughs and laying in some timber. Stamp down the soil on both sides of the timber to make sure it is secure.
Remember to give enough space above ground level for your sand and paving to sit.

Step 3: sand

Take your bags of sand and empty them inside your space. Make sure the sand is at least half an inch think or more but no more than 1.5 inches.
Remember to leave some sand for filling in.

Step 4: create your jigsaw puzzle of paving

Lay down your paving starting from the straightest edge you have and work a row at a time.
If, like me, all of your pieces are different shapes and sizes fit them together as close as possible but don’t worry to much about the gaps as they will be filled in later.

Step 5: jump!!
Jump up and down over all of your paving slabs, ensuring they sit right into the sand

Step 6: fill in all the gaps

Using your remaining sand, fill in all of the large gaps and give the whole area a good sweep with the brush

Step 7: pebbles

Empty your bags of pebbles over the paving and using the brush, sweep the pebbles all over, they will fall into any gaps that they pass.

Step 8: hose it down

With a hose pipe, wash the whole thing down, this should help the paving set in it’s place.

Step 9: arrange your furniture, relax and enjoy your hard work!!!!


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