spring and summer twist

17 Apr

I usually find spring and summer issues of knitting mag a bit disappointing, but Twist Collective this year totally rocks! (Dude, should I be adding ‘schizoid’ and ‘chill pill’ back into my vocabulary, too?) From indie-chic cardis to gorgeous shawls and stole (and even some fab lightshades), I’m really rather smitten!

Let’s do the cardis first. I love the mitilary-inspired lines of Blue Daisy, the graceful silhouette of Madrigal, the fab rolling shawl collar and granny-chic 50s shape of Stellar.

My favourite, I think, is Quintet. I’m not hot on the stripes, but it is the exact shape of the cardigan I practically lived in the last time I was in Munich. I bought yarn from Wollmeise especially to replicate it, but haven’t got round to it yet. I did think I was going to have to wing the design myself; now I’m thinking I shan’t have to!

Moving on to the shawls and stole, I can’t get over how adorable Budding Apple is! I read Ann’s post about it and have been somewhat distracted by the thought of the edging ever since.  Trousseau is similarly luscious. I need to get my hands on that yarn, it just looks sublime.

Although Sunbreak isn’t a shawl or a stole, I’m going to include it hear anyway. Lou and I are slightly obsessed with picnic blankets, and if I wasn’t so busy being a good student, I would have made about a dozen to gallivant about London parks with this summer. However, it’s Vesna that’s really got me. I think this might be my wedding shall. I’ve got the yarn and now I think I’ve got the pattern.

I still haven’t had time to read the articles, but if the patterns are anything to go by, they’ll be better than ever.

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