garden diary

27 Apr

Well my garden is growing!!!

It’s been a great couple of weeks for all my Vege, grass and plants, they (and me) have loved the spring weather!

The last time I posted I had just layed the paving at the back of the garden and since then I’ve been super busy.

The seeds I sown at the beginning of april are now steaming ahead!
The only things now left in the propagator are some little tomato seedings waiting for Emma to collect and the chilli and pepper seeds I planted today, every thing else is out enjoying the abnormal heat we have had!

I pricked out the tomatoes and re-potted them using emmas great tutorial!

Under cover are my salad leaves, courgette, broccoli, and cabbage. Last week when re potting my carrots I realised I had too many to fit in the tub so I found some space in the patch and put them there, I just can’t bear not to use them all!






Today, to the vege patch, I added some pepper and chilli seeds and two little pea seedlings which I couldn’t fit into the pea pot!

The peas are just shooting up!
I had them in quite a small container to begin with so I pricked them out this morning and gave them a new home!

My strawberry are pretty happy in their new pots but need a good tidy! I didn’t really do to much with them when I uprooted them from the Vege patch!

The new additions to the garden are a cute little blueberry bush, raspberry bush, and garlic.

Today I also tidied up my Borders and re arranged the container Vege.

I’ve tried to get rid of as many places as possible where the cats can do their business but my borders are something I don’t really want to lose.

The main chunk of soil in the borders now houses the containers, dug in quite deep to prevent the cats from pushing them aside!

I also moved some plants I put down last year and re arranged the lily tubers.


To the rest I added some more flower seeds, not sure what they are but I’m sure it won’t be long till I find out!

My lavender is growing so happily in the other border that I decided to add some more seeds around it! Fingers crossed!

It has been so lovely to get out here so much, pruning, potting and just relaxing, my grass is growing well too, only a few patches which I touched up today!

My next step is to get some pond plants!!!


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