new(ish) knitty, spring 2011

28 Apr

The man who occupies the office next to me is the LOUDEST person on earth. The walls, admittedly, aren’t that thick — my department is in the least structurally sound building on campus (go Lit!) — but still. There is no reason why I should have to sit here with earplugs in and still be able to hear every word he rumbles.

Usually, however, he bawls out around mid-day, which is very good for my thesis. And until then, today I figured I’d have a bit of an extended potter on Ravelry and lo! what did I find but a new Knitty! OK, it’s not actually that new — I think it came out a good few weeks ago — but it’s new to me.

As usual the patterns are well picked and prettily photographed. Also as usual, not much on the men’s patterns front, but lots of lovely shawls, plenty of socks, loads of great tutorials and a couple of article that blew my mind.

First the patterns: the Amiga Cardigan is so cute! It’s very casual, very relaxed and yet has a teeny hint of Chanel that makes me think classic. There’s also a tutorial on how to make Dorset Buttons which is awesome!! Perfect solution to half the button problems in the world.

The Omelet Shawl is another classic; it’s elegant, pretty and has detailing where it would sit naturally around the neck that is just lovely. The Verdant Wrap is genius! I can’t imagine actually knitting it, because it is MASSIVE, but it’s just beautiful, and the designer has included a tutorial on the blended intarsia technique she uses to create the massive leaves.

The Ornamental Socks are another new heel-detail sock that allows you to really get creative with extending patterning throughout the heel and rethinks how heels fit. I adore Knitty for this. Just think of how many patterns Knitty has published that strive to redefine the bounds of sock knitting. It’s a luscious, luscious thing!

I’m also really taken by the Rivercat Socks. They’re very simple but the pattern is intriguing — it really does just flow down the length of the leg and over the foot. I foresee these becoming the next Monkey.

What really got me excited, however, are two awesome articles. The first is from Jeny Staiman, which should immediately through up giant flashy neon signs shouting: GENIUS AT WORK! GENIUS AT WORK! And, unsurprisingly, it’s genius. Jeny, of Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff fame, here unveils her latest invention: the Interlock Bindoff, an invisible, super stretchy, easily-blended-into-rib bindoff technique that I am going to now use for everything. How this woman manages to go about her business without hordes of knitting fangirls, newly bound-off garments in hand, yarn tails trailing as they chase after her, weeping gratefully and chorusing, ‘We love you, Jeny!!’, I’ll never know.

The other article which I will be paying close attention to is Jillian Moreno’s Knitting with Handspun. I have two skeins of handspun yarn in my stash that I have thus far preferred to coo over and gaze at longingly but refused to knit. Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls would tell me I’m being silly and to stop saving it for when the Queen comes to visit, but I can’t help it. They’re so pretty! I might ruin them.

Don’t worry, Jasmine, thank to Jillian I now have the courage to (gulp!) crack open my handspun and start using it. Of course, I need to find a pattern that will do them justice, and that might take time… I’ll just leave them in their skeins for now, then, yes?


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