garden diary

30 Apr

last week of April

As much as I hate plastic packaging it is sometimes pretty difficult to avoid if you live a busy life and shop in supermarkets!

Not only do most councils not take it for recycling you end up storing it somewhere in the already crowded house waiting to get enough to take it to the recycling plant!

So a few years ago I decided to use my plastic packaging as mini greenhouses for seedlings!

Today, using a few plastic boxes I had stored up, I planted some sweet pea seedlings my neighbour gave me last week.

The boxes are just perfect for them.

After poking some drainage holes in the bottom I filled them with soil and the seeds, put their lids back on and set them down in my new little patch!!


I have a great place for the sweetpeas, once they start growing, at the back of the garden, just past the grass, to grow up the wooden screening I have used to disguise the horrible tree stump I couldnt get out!




We had a great chiminea night on Wednesday night, sitting in the back corner, blocked from the wind enjoying beer and wine!

The chiminea however was a little worse for wears. I havnt really done much with it since I bought it so this morning I gave it a good clean and painted it with some heat resistant paint, it is now looking good as new!!



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