interweave knits preview, summer 2011

4 May

The Interweave Summer 2011 preview is up, and there are definitely a few patterns that stand out.

The Hour Glass socks have some really neat detailing down the back of the heel.

I love the silhouette of the Dockside Cardigan; the collar and curved hem work quite perfectly with each other.

The Torch Lily Tee is really cute. The collar and button details are lovely and the lace looks interesting.

But as has been the problem for the last few issues, I just don’t understand the styling. The Torch Lily Tee is adorable and the model who wears it is adorable, so why have they turned her into a frumpy, shapeless mess? The same can be said for the Adriatic Cardigan, the Coral Cardigan, the Greenhouse Tank and the Cumulus Tee.

I suspect the reasoning behind it is that Interweave Knits is trying to make a point of showing how they embrace the fact that most women don’t look like supermodels and we’re not all super thin and we don’t have culturally perceived perfect figures. However, this styling is not doing the garments any favours.

Unlike the Pebbles and Reed Tunic or the Banstead Pullover, in which the garment and the model make each other look awesome, the styling for this issue does not make me think, Oh yes, I can definitely see that on me, for that model is just is like me. It just makes me think that if the model can’t carry it off, then I certainly won’t be able to, either. It just seems like they haven’t really thought about how they were going to match the garment to the model. Or worse, like they stuffed the poor model into a bunch of layers to pad her out in order to make her look more ‘normal’.

I’m sure the garments are breathtaking in person and beautiful on the right person, but come on, Interweave Knits. Big slide backwards.


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