knit nation 2011

26 Jul

It’s been a week since Knit Nation and me and Emmms are finally getting back to normal, but what a weekend it was!!

We need to first say a massive thank you to Pippa at Sweet Clement because if it wasn’t for her Made by Loumms would not have been there having one of the best times ever, so thanks Pippa!!!

Pippa setting up.

Pip has such a great eye for design which she used so well in the set up of the stall, a classy Black and White boudoir theme, and you can just see our excitement about the whole thing!!

Emmms doing some last-minute finishing.


We displayed our bags and sample socks around Pippa’s yarn, in wicker baskets,

Large Wristers, sweater-sized!

on a coat stand,

Socky Wristers!

on our paper mâché foot, made from the final copy of the News of the World,

SCANDALOUS! Soon-to-be-released 'June' sock in Beloved (in Blueberry Sundae).

Emmms’s wedding present lamp which proved very popular (Emmms: Because it is GORGEOUS! Best wedding present ever! We had so many lovely people comment on it and several disappointed faces when they learned the pattern will for ever stay in Lou’s head. I can understand their disappointment, but I’m pretty chuffed to have a Lou Original!)

[You can see it in the finished stall pic up at the top, but a proper picture and dedicated post all of its own are definitely to come!]

and also very handy when all the lights cut out!!

Twinkly! Handy in a black-out!

The best bit, of course, were Pippa’s delicious yarns,

Lovely yarn, with a sneaky Pink Flamingos Wrister.

which go rather nicely with our bags, don’t you think?

Sock-Perfect project bags, a tableau with delicious yarn!

Adorning the walls were both the sock patterns by us and shawl and mitts patterns by Michaela and Anna, and the samples knitted up in Sweet Clement yarns.

Patterns lined the walls, with some Wristers up top showing off Pippa's yarns.

Two 'Agatha C.' samples, in Smitten (in Buttercup and Mallard).

It was great to see Michaela and Anna again, as well as the usual faces, Old Maiden Aunt, Ysolda, Nimu, Susan Crawford, Alice (of course, who bought a Sketched Owls Wrister), The Bothered Owl, and many others, as well as meeting new faces, too!!

We had a great chat with so many people, the owner of Temptation Cafe in Brighton, who showed us a pic of his knitted Brighton Pavilion and seagulls; his friend, shawl designer Knit and Fiddle; Martine from iMake who bought an Owly Wrister; Vicky from the awesome Twisted Angle online magazine, and the rest of our great customers who stopped by!

Thanks to one lovely lady who threaded a needle I was using to sew in the end of one of our wristers! And an extra HUGE thanks to the Knit Nation Team who came to the rescue and helped with some last-minute drawstringing of our Socky Wristers before the marketplace opened!! (Emmms: And a huge thanks to them for being such an amazing calming influence when sleep deprivation and hunger got the best of us. They were truly amazing!)

Some of our main highlights was Stephen West and his friend Sam buying a good handful of Wristers — the gaggle of fan girls (including ourselves) outside our stall said it all!! — they, as well as Lillith of OMA, picked up one of our favourite Wristers, the Red Robots!!

Lillith and her Wrister!

It was a perfect showcase not only for the re-release of some of our edited Loumms Year of Socks patterns, such as ‘Singing in the Rain’, but also for Emmms’s new design, ‘Agatha C.’, knit in Sweet Clement of course!

'Singing in the Rain' in Beloved (in Cornflower).

‘Agatha C.’ was so popular we had to get more patterns printed and I’m not surprised as it is totally amazing! Great intricate cables! make this the sock pattern of the year I say!! (review by Lou of course, Emmms is unfortunately not that big headed about her designs, don’t know why not!!)

Official 'Agatha C.' pattern pic in Smitten (in Mallard).

Due to how busy it was we didn’t get to wander as much as we would have liked but we did manage to pick up the following goodies!!

A needle holder from The Bothered Owl (Emmms: Lou snapped this lovely up but I totally lost track of all time and failed to get one for me. Thank goodness Sarah’s getting the Undercover Owl up and running, so I can pick one up for me!)

Whale needle case from Bothered Owl.

The new A Stitch In Time book from Susan Crawford, which I cannot wait to arrive in September (Emmms: GAH! Me too!! I am totally in love with the Miss Marple coat!)

The much-anticipated A Stitch In Time Vol. 2!

A gorgeous sweater pattern from Nimu, ‘Folded’ (Emmms: This was my one purchase for the entire event! It’s such a lovely design, but I’m having so much trouble deciding on the yarn to use — do I start bugging Pippa to get her Adore up on Etsy or do I stash dive? Decisions, decisions!)

The pattern pic for 'Folded'.

An equally pretty shawl pattern from Michaela, ‘Tumbledown’.

Pretty, pretty 'Tumbledown'!

Two great dresses from Twisted Angle in the softest acrylic I’ve ever felt — pics to come next time Loumms finds time for the pub! (Emmms: If you follow us on Twitter, you may recall Pippa regaling the internet with my table-side changing into said dress once the marketplace closed on Sunday! It had to be done!! I love my vintage dresses, but there are times when a lush cashmere-soft sweater dress is the way forward!)

And last but certainly not least an order of the scrumptious Corriedale yarn from Old Maiden Aunt! (Emmms: I swear that was Fate! I was complaining of the general lack of Corriedale in my life just that Sunday morning!)

All in all it was an incredible weekend but most of all it got me and Emmms sewing again! Woohoo!!

Oooh, and whoever won our Raining London Summer Kit in the Bingo get in touch!!! It was part of the big Grand Prize basket and we want to know what else you got!

'Singing in the Rain' Wrister Kit, with pattern, rainy Wrister and a skein of gorgeous Beloved in Cornflower!

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  1. UndercoverOwl 26 July 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Hey guys! It was lovely to see both of you at Knit Nation too :-) It’d been far too long! Lovely round up and your photos are NOT blurry at all.

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