first fall knitty 2011

28 Jul

I shouldn’t be wishing the summer away, but I can’t help looking forward to the onset of autumn, especially as it means a fresh supply of exciting new knits! The First Fall Knitty 2011 issue came out recently and there is plenty to get excited about.

I’ve been knitting Ann Hanson’s ‘Palimsest’ in a simply gorgeous skein of Wollemeise lace and it’s really got me hankering for more lace knitting. The Rhodion lace shawl might just have to be next. For once, I think the pictures kind of let the design down — they’re clear but generally uninteresting (Knitty is usually full of great photography, so this is surprising, no?), and I’d recommend checking out the pics on the pattern page on Ravelry instead. The shot of the shawl through the leaves makes the lace glimmer seductively.

Darrin suffers from this somewhat as well (all the pictures seem to have been taken in someone’s bedroom), but I love the design so much I’ll let it slide! I’ve definitely been in the mood for something long and drapey, and Darrin might be it.

The Leaflet cardigan, photographically speaking, is much better. I adore Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s work, she’s so talented! This cardigan is simple but sweet.

The Kindling cardigan for little girls is also adorable! The detail on the back and the garter banding really complement each other. It looks so warm and so cosy, I want one for me!

As usual there are some great articles, including one about the history of Bosnian slippers.

The tutorial for knitting using your whole body to anchor the yarn is fascinating (I might try this technique with the ‘Palimpsest’ shawl; the ball Wollemeise is MASSIVE and I think this might help keep me even as I go), but the toe and heel constructions and the braided edge on the cuff are wonderful ! The toe is an extended version of one of my favourite toe-up cast-ons and I’m really thinking I’m going to have to experiment with this in future socks. I’ve been in the market for a new pair of slipper socks for years, so this might be the boost I need!


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