2 Aug

Every now and then I decide I need to spruce the place up a bit — and by ‘the place’, I literally mean anywhere from my office, to my garden, to my pattern collection on Ravelry. This time, I mean our product description page here on the blog.

In honour of starting to restock our long-neglected Etsy shop, I’ve added some updated pictures to our Shop pages, laid out what each thing we make and sell is and does and I think it’s looking pretty good!

Let me know what you think — is it worth putting up all these details? Is anyone else really interested in how we came to choose how we were going to design our Sock-Perfect Project Bags?

I love hearing about what made other people choose to tackle their projects, whether those they’re putting up for sale or those they made just for pleasure (or those who make things for pleasure AND put them up for sale!). I’m not the only one, am I?

Oh yes, and as noted above the long-neglected Made by Loumms Etsy shop is in the process of being restocked! It’s really exciting!!!! My wedding sort of, kind of took over all our spare time throughout the Spring and we didn’t have time to actually dedicate to making much of anything that wasn’t wedding related! Thank goodness for the pressure of filling up part of a stall for Knit Nation!!


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