fall 2011 twist collective = love

4 Aug

The new Twist Collective for Fall 2011 was released earlier this week and if you follow our Twitter feed, you’ll know just how much I love this issue (SPOILER ALERT: I love this issue)!!

To begin, the Litchfield Mittens are gorgeous. It’s like they were designed just for me. I’ve had a mitten design in mind for a while, but this surpasses everything I had planned. They’re simple, cably and generally delicious.

The ‘simple, cably and generally delicious’ continues in Riata. This is not at all the sort of sweater pattern I would go for, but the details make me dribbly. There is something inexplicably decadent about the rolling, ribbony cables down the front, especially when combined with the button details at the neck and cuffs.

Also something I would not normally go for is Neko. Knit dresses are lovely on some people, but I find myself uncomfortably conscious about the cling. This, though, is borderline tunicy which is much more forgiving. Plus it has lovely cable detailing. Plus it has a gorgeous plackett. Plus there are pockets. Basically I love it.

As someone who dabbles in sock designing, I usually have too many of my own patterns in my head to be able to manage knitting up someone else’s, but I really want to draw attention to the editorial decision to chose Loure and Shani for this issue. Like my Best Broads’ dresses, these socks are almost the inverse of each other! One lacy, one cably, both really pretty. (Incidentally, it’s this sort of editorial planning that for me makes TC such an interesting magazine AND really makes me aware of how much I would comparatively sink if I attempted anything similar. Big props to the eds!)

Also big props to the eds for choosing Corinna Rose for one of the storyboards. Can I say how much I love this spread?! I want to live in this spread. It’s the awesomest! I want that to be my life. I actually kind of think that’s why I love Neko so much. Although I think I would rather love Dylan and Delius if they were shot in a basement laundry room with unflattering lighting and an attendant in the background who clearly just wanted them to ship out so they could clean up the detergent spill in the corner.

The storyboards really work in this issue; you can tell both how much time and effort went into constructing them and how much fun they had working out how it was all going to come together. Obviously, Ma Belle Guitare is just delightful. The Spirited Away series is so enchanting and (crucially) give you a complete, virtually 3-dimensional view of each piece. I adore Sheepcote and the fact that you get to see it frolick is clearly a brilliant tactic to get it on my needles as quickly as possible!

Likewise, City by the Bay is as much about San Fransisco as it is the garments, and because it is you get such a lovely feel for how you might incorporate them into your own life. It’s not just looking at the pretty pictures; this series invites you to wear them.

This might be why so many of my favourite-favourites come from this first section. I can see myself taking pictures of bridges in Roseling. I can feel how delicious Litchfield would be while clinging on to public transport. I can imagine walking out of the British Library in Sportster, looking terribly thoughtful but satisfied from having just completed a productive day, and hurrying off to meet people in Boundless.

I don’t mean to gush, but I really do think this is one of the best (if not the best) Twist Collective issue to date.

It’s a true sign of this issue’s awesomeness that in the midst of a proper British heatwave (re: unrelenting, unbearable, still not even that hot according to thermometres [have we even hit 27C?] yet the cause of widespread wilting, whinging and worrying about old people not drinking enough water) I not only keep coming back to gaze through the pages but that every time I go back and look at the patterns I’ve favourited, I find a new, no-really-this-time, favourite-favourite.

NOTE: All pictures taken from the pattern pages on Ravlery.


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