a particularly lovely sunday

11 Sep


Morning coffee at the London Particular – what a perfect way to spend a Sunday! Louisa and I met up for what seems like the first time in ages to do, well, nothing but catch up over coffee and get in some knitting! Lou was working on an amazing new pattern that she’ll be blogging about later, while I added another few inches to the Palimpsest stole I’ve been working on in some looooooovely Wollmeise lace.

The pattern had me completely stumped for the first foot until I started reading the knitting instead of just following the pattern. Doh! It’s amazing what you can achieve when you listen to your knitting!

I’m nearly finished now, I’d say I’ve got another 14 inches to go till it’s just  the right length, and I’m LOVING the stitch pattern! Now that I’ve worked it out, it’s easy enough to take out with me and still be able to participate in conversation, yet complex enough that it’s retained its interest. I’ve been knitting on it almost exclusively since July. It’s become so much a part of my knitting life, I’m going to miss it once it’s done!

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