a place for your yarn

14 Sep

My niece remarked last Friday that we have 15 weeks till Christmas. She sighed, ‘It’s so far away.’

’15 weeks!?’ I groaned. ‘Don’t say that!’

’15 weeks?!’ my mother-in-law echoed. ‘Urgh…’

When you put it into weeks like that, doesn’t it seem so close? In any case, when I hopped on Etsy later, the thought of gifting was still on my mind, so I did a little search and came across this beauty:

Hand-thrown custom yarn bowl from Little Wren Pottery

Doesn’t it just make you ache? Such amazing craftsmanship! Everything in the Little Wren shop is gorgeous, but this really took my breath away. Along the same lines is these lovely bowls from Caractacus Pots.

Hand-thrown bowl by Caractacus Pots

They are, admittedly, a rice bowl, but if you weren’t planning on taking your project with you, and if that project was Fair Isle, wouldn’t it make a lovely yarn bowl?

Despite having a minor panic about how close the holidays are, it does still seem too early to really be thinking about them properly. I do have a bit of an excuse for thinking about Christmas, though: Matthew and I are going to Indonesia for the whole of December for our honeymoon, but that only means that I have to have everything ready for before we leave! Crikey, 11 weeks…


One Response to “a place for your yarn”

  1. littlewrenpottery 28 September 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    Hey thanks for featuring my yarn bowls on your blog : D Thinking about Christmas already! Very organised!

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