winter woolies

20 Sep

I’ve been working on this set of cosy mitts, funky hat and toasty leg warmers for a while now. Still can’t come up with a name for them so winter woolies has to do for now!


It has certainly felt strange knitting winter woolies when I’m still trying to believe it is summer however it really has got me in the mood for a cosy winter!

I’m being a bit premature there I guess as we still have a lovely London autumn to look forward too!

Anyway, the new patterns originated from a cable chart I modified a few months back which I’m obsessed with!
It looks like a logical cable from afar but up close you see that things don’t follow the pattern you believe they would. A few twists and turns takes the cables into a great labyrinth!

Agh that’s their name!!! Labyrinth! Knew it would come to me!!!


So yep, ‘Labyrinth’ started as a design for a thigh high sock however after a few problems with the yarn (see future post) I couldn’t face knitting the entire sock with it. After one repeat of the chart I gave up, joined the two sides together and made a hat!
The rest is history!!
To go with the hat I’ve done mitts using the same chart and to complete the set is a pair of very high leg warmers and all with the option of adding buttons!!!!

Perfect for the winter months!


I’m still working on the leg warmers but will be getting the whole set test knit ASAP!!


4 Responses to “winter woolies”

  1. Jasmine Gartner 21 September 2011 at 8:23 am #

    Do you need a test knitter for the mitts? jx

  2. emmms 21 September 2011 at 9:18 am #

    They look fab!! I love the geometric, solid button detail against the softness of the fabric (which even the delicious cables can’t shake — am I alone in thinking cables sometimes make things look sculpted rather than structured? — in any case, love the cables in that soft, soft yarn!).

  3. Rebecca Christie 26 September 2011 at 11:56 am #

    love the color…


  1. yarn problems and solutions « loumms - 27 September 2011

    […] my last post I mentioned having a few problems with the yarn I’m using for my new Labyrinth […]

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