A Stitch in Time 1930-1959 – Volume 2

6 Nov

When I first came across A Stitch In Time 1920-1949 :Volume 1 knitting pattern book I thought my dreams had come true!

I have tried before to knit a vintage sweater using a vintage pattern and to be honest I gave up pretty quickly, the pattern wasn’t really that old either, late 70’s!!

To begin with it was quite tough to find a suitable yarn, the sizing was very boxy and the pattern structure was sometimes quite difficult to read and although I do love designing my own patterns, i’m not terribly confident altering a pattern for such a large garment myself. This is why I fell in love with Susan Crawford, Jane Waller and A Stitch In Time.

Using their uber genius minds they took some of the best vintage patterns,  put them together in a manner that was easy to understand, included current yarn and sizes and published them all in a book with excellent instructions and descriptions, not to mention awesome new photos! What gives them the edge  is that they include the original patterns in the book too!

Since I bought A Stitch in Time I have knit quite a few patterns and love every single one! (I have blogged about them all  but my favourites are Concentrate on the Sleeves and To Wear With Anything) There are many more patterns I just cant wait to knit!

I really did not believe it could get any better…..

That was until, at Knit Nation this year, I learnt about A Stitch in Time  1930-1959 : Volume 2!!!

Immediatly I signed up!

I was gutted at the time to hear that it wasnt being published until September but knew that I would be so excited when it actually arrived. Unfortunatly there were a few publishing problems and the book was delayed for a while. This was not a problem at all as they were so nice about it, we were sent a free pattern from the book, via email, to whet our appetities and I must admit that it really did hype it all up for me not knowing when the postman would knock!

That day arrived last week, the doorbell rang just as I was on my way to the gym, and it was the book!!

I opened it immediatly to find not only the book

but a lovely bag and 2 money off vouchers!

It really just kept getting better!

This volume, a beautiful hardback copy signed by Susan herself,  knocks socks of the previous, something I thought I would never say.

Not only do we once again get the most incredible vintage patterns plus the originals, with photos, we also have an in-depth guide to ‘Perfecting The Vintage Knit’ covering all you could need to know from sizing to trims and (to my utter enjoyment) a whole page on ‘Choosing The Right Buttons’. Undeniably an invaluable addition.

The book is just full once again of fantastic patterns to suit every taste and shape and as Emmms proved whilst flicking through the book in the cafe last week, there is so much to coo over and so many pages to stroke that A Stitch  In Time will definitly keep your attention for a long long time!

My ultimate favourite has to be Cryscelle, which is used as the cover image.

Here are a few more of my favourites, I say a few as I couldn’t include the whole book!

(from left to right, top to bottom: ‘Lady’s Jumper-Cardigan’; ‘Lady’s Evening Jumper’; ‘Box Coat’; ‘Colourful Winter Sports Outfit’; ‘A Pretty Frilled Jumper’; ‘Tyrolean Jumper Coat’)

Emmm’s favourites should be up here soon!!

Thanks once again to the amazing Susan Crawford and Jane Waller !!!!

(All photos taken from A Stitch In Time 1930- 1959 : Volume 2)


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