ugh it’s tuesday

8 Nov

Me and Tuesday’s do not get on.
I normally make it into bed at about 7.15am after a terribly long 24 hour Monday!

I then magically wake up at around 10.30am sometimes 11am if I’m really lucky!

Probably best to say that I’m not a great night shift worker/sleeper however it does mean that I normally get quite a lot done on a Tuesday before I’m back at work again that night.

Today was the garden.

I needed to get the Pund plants out before the frost hit as it is so small it would not take much for it to freeze over, so I organised for a friend to take them in his bigger pond over the winter.
Now at least they will have a fighting chance!

Both the lily and the water soldier that survived are bagged and ready to go to their new home.


(Check out the lovely leaf-less grass, all thanks to my new leaf blower a friend gave me!)

I also took the opportunity to re pot the Yukka and bring him indoors for the winter months. I’ve managed to leave him outside for a lot longer this year as the weather has been pretty mild.
I think it’s about time for him to feel the warmth of the central heating though !


Whilst I was in the re potting mood I also did the Aloe Vera. She is staying on the window ledge in the kitchen this year, so she may get a slight bit of sun, as last year when she was in the living room she received so little sun that she nearly didn’t make it through.


After all of that, I went back inside the house to wash up just as my alarm went off at 1pm!


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