christmas is coming (quicker than I thought!)

14 Dec

So, I thought I was on top of all my christmas plans.

Decorations are up

The cake has been baked, fed and is now waiting to be eaten

my Chutney is settling nicely

my niece’s christmas sweater has been made and being worn by her for christmas parties.

This is an adaptation of Drops Christmas Jumpsuit with Hood, I used the Reindeer pattern from Knitting Matters blog and flipped it in PS to get the alternate side. Also across the back is a white and red snowflake motif.

(There is no way my neice could have an Aunt that knits without having a Xmas sweater, not only that but it matches mine from last year)

With my visit to the local Christmas market been planned with a detour via the Micro Brewery this weekend I thought I had plenty of time to finish my knitting, however with only 10 days left to go time is speeding along and Im getting slightly worried!!

I decided my Secret Santa person this year would be receiving knitted sock in amongst their gift so I chose the pattern Bex from Cookie A, Sock Innovation.

What a treat to knit!

The pattern is very easy to remember, with repetitive structured cables and travelling rib sections you can knit away getting lost in the texture. That is until the pattern jumps slightly, grabbing your attention back to the  design and taking you on a similar but slightly different journey than before.

The result is a bold, 3D like boxy pattern, reminiscent of Escher Stairs. Absolute Genius!

The yarn I am using Sparkleduck British Merino,  just adds to the texture of the pattern with a really tight twist in the ply and strong bold colour. Love it!

So this Sunday I am planning to bake something glorious out of the Nigella’s Christmas Recipe book, settle on the couch and finish these socks!


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