giant red patchwork ball

15 Feb

Wow it’s 15th February already???

I thought at one point that January would never end. It seemed to go so slow but now, looking back, it went so quick!!

Ive been so busy with multiple projects and time just runs away a lot these days!

My main January project was my nieces first birthday present.
I can’t believe it has been over a year since my niece was born and I was posting about meeting her for the first time!

I went to visit her for her first birthday at the end of Jan with her homemade gift (my sister wanted us to make our presents as she was so spoilt at Xmas!)

I’m really into patchwork at the moment (see Emmms future post on the hand washing bag I made her for Xmas) so I decided to hand sew a patchwork ball for my niece to play with.
However instead of normal sized I did a giant red ball with patchwork numbers sewn into each section and stuffed with teddy bear stuffing!

Giant Patchwork Ball


To make the ball, I set about cutting the 12 individual pentagons, using red felt, with each side measuring 7 inches.
I then cut smaller pieces, 6 inches, out of a sturdy interfacing fabric.


I pinned the two pieces together by folding the larger sides over the smaller sides


I then measured and cut out my numbers using scrap fabrics I had lying around.

I tried to use different textures, colours and prints to give it variety.


And I attached the numbers to the pentagons using different hand sewing methods


a cross stitch,


whip stitch


and a back stitch


Once I had all of my pieces, I joined them together.

I split the pentagons into two lots of 6 then using one pentagon as the centre, joined another five by placing the wrong sides together and using a whip stitch over the top to secure.

These two giant pentagons were now joined together in the same way and stuffed with teddy stuffing.


She absolutely loved it!!

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