rip it up and start again

17 Feb

A few years ago I made a sweater out of some discount yarn I got in the winter sales.

I don’t normally knit with such chunky wool but thought it was a good deal so found a pattern I liked and got knitting.

I was never particularly pleased with the result and it got put aside.

I was going though my winter clothes a few months ago and came across it again, I left it out in the hope that someone would wear it but it still sat there.
So, on Sunday I decided to unravel the whole thing and start again!

I knew I wanted a cardi instead of a jumper but couldn’t find a pattern I liked in such a chunky yarn so I got knitting a basic raglan, top down, no sewing cardi.


I have been trying it on the whole time (great benefit of top down!) and pretty much blagging the whole project!

It has been quite fun to knit as I’m doing a lot of guess work, absolutly no measuring, not a guage in sight and no shaping planning mathematics, and I’m not actually sure that I have enough yarn to finish it the way I want! I like a risky knit!

I’ve already done a button band however I’m hoping to be left with enough yarn after the sleeves (which I want to be loooong!) to add a stripe or dark brown followed by a stripe of light brown to each front!

I’m planning on adding button loops and huge chunky wooden buttons to finish it off!!

I do enjoy hodge-podge knitting even though the results never always work out!!

Fingers crossed this one does!!


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