perfect movie night knitting

22 Feb

So, continuing on from all buttoned up, I decided to re-knit some other items that may receive a bit more attention from me if they were altered slightly.

Next on the list, sticking with the button theme, is Buttony.

This was another piece I knit originally a few years back but it always felt too big and a little awkward to wear, probably because, as I noticed when I was unravelling it, that the shoulder inceases were all wrong!! How I managed to do that without noticing at the time, or the times I’ve actually worn it is beyond me!

Anyway Ive started it again and am pretty happy with how it is turning out.


I’m knitting it using the original yarn which is Lana Grossa, Royal Tweed but I’ve reduced the number of cast on sts, I’m following the increases correctly and I’m going to make sure it fits well this time.

Oh yeah Im also doing all the buttons, which is the main reason to knit it in the first place right??

It is also perfect knitting for the film night that my pals (and love) over at Days are Numbers are presenting tomorrow night in The Montpelier.

Should be a great evening, Rock and Roll movie Leningrad Cowboys Go America, good company, my knitting and a few beers!


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