new knitty spring 2012

9 Mar

I was going to write about my various trips to Mexico and Indonesia, the success of my planning all those months ago, the Food Club (set up by Lou’s love in an effort to get a group of us hanging out more) and our recent rescue of a poor wee kitten for my next post, but then I saw there was a new Knitty. A new Knitty that features TWO London designers! My jet-setting, well-fed, kitten-rescuing adventures will have to wait.

First, congratulations, Micheala and Helen! Your patterns are gorgeous. I’m got a skein of Fleece Artist Trail Sock (received in the Socktopus Secret Santa swap) that would be perfect for ‘Afternoon Tea’. I’d cast on immediately if it weren’t for the two jumpers (other adventures!!) I’m knitting and completely obsessed with. I promised myself I would finish them off before starting anything else. ‘Boscobel’ needs only wait the perfect yarn — woe is me, an excuse to go yarn hunting!

This is such a great issue for shawl. The Madeira Mantilla is just beautiful; I love the history that goes with the pattern. (Knitty, as ever, well done on that score!) ‘Good Day Sunshine’ is so cheery and bright, and weirdly before the name even registered it had me humming the Beatles tune!


This is also an excellent issue for socks. ‘Carousel’ just look like they’d be so much fun to knit, while the cables and lace of ‘Phloem’ are another super tempting one!


Did I miss any of your favourites? Leave a comment, I’d love to know which ones you want to cast on straightaway!

One Response to “new knitty spring 2012”

  1. darciad 10 March 2012 at 10:11 am #

    I’ll take Good Day Sunshine, thank you. In purple, please!

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