saturday baking

10 Mar

I had my wisdom tooth taken out on Thursday and since then I’ve been feeling pretty bad!

I underestimated the pain and decided I would be fine to go into work on Friday! What a mistake!
I lasted about 3.5 hours but once my eye started drooping due to the pain I gave up and headed home.

Other than sleeping and eating mush…..


(awesome mushy food made by my love!)

….I’ve been doing not much more so today I decided to cheer myself up by baking a carrot cake. I don’t need to do any talking during baking which is perfect as it huuuurts!!


I saw this carrot cake last week on a local food blog I’ve been following and thought it looked perfect.

The main reason I was looking at baking a cake was to celebrate my love’s success over at for scoring a film screening in Scala Forever’s ‘Russell Forever‘ season.
They will be showing Savage Messiah at the Montpelier at 3pm on Friday 16th March if anyone is a Ken Russell fan!

So here is the result!!
I think I’ll have to mush it all up to get it in my mouth but it will be worth it!



One Response to “saturday baking”

  1. Phil 10 March 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    This looks scrummy. Congrats on the screening

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