left overs feast – tortilla chips

1 Apr

Yesterday, my love made her signature dish of Beef Burritos for dinner and as usual it was delicious!!

No photos unfortunately, sorry.

I normally freeze the leftover tortilla breads to use another time but was told that they never roll properly when they are defrosted which proves for a messy Burrito!!! Not good!!

So instead of freezing I decided to use them and some other frozen ones to make yummy tortilla chips.

I had 2 wholemeal tortillas and 4 seeded tortillas to bake so I made two different flavours.

For the wholemeal I used olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli powder.


And for the seeded I used an oil blend (rainbow pepper) my mam got me for Xmas last year with a bit of salt.


I brushed the oil over both sides of the bread then sprinkled over the salt, pepper and chilli powder.

I placed them on a baking tray, without overlapping, and baked at gas 6 for about 5-8 mins, turning halfway.


They were so yummy they almost put me off my pizza!!!




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