mmmm, yarn

11 May

WARNING: Potentially stash-enhancing images ahead! Not recommended for anyone yarn-dieting!*

As some of you will know, Sweet Clement has been on hiatus since March and while I know it’s only temporary, this morning I found myself sighing, ‘Man, I miss Pippa’s yarn.’

It really does feel like she dyes specifically for me. Her colours are exactly my taste: lush, deep, rich tones that seem to pop and fizz luxuriously in the light. The base yarns are precisely what I want to knit with, too: soft, well-plied smooshiness whatever the blend.

Knitting from one’s stash is a noble endeavour and a worthy New Year’s resolution. HOWEVER, when that stash of Sweet Clement begins to get dangerously depleted, I start to yearn for a bit more Pippa. (At this point I realise I’m beginning to sound a bit like John Oliver on The Bugle lusting over Pippa Middleton’s backside: ‘Oh… oh, Pippa…’, except for me it’s ‘Oh… oh, Pippa’s yarn…’)

This morning, in an effort to stave off the last of my Sweet Clement, I went onto Etsy to see what else might catch my eye.

Travelknitter’s heavenly Summer Cloud is a lovely blend of British Bluefaced Leicester and silk.

Watercolours and Lace’s Golden Sunflower is 100% BLF, this time richly variegated.

Jelliebean’s Damsun just makes me so happy! Gorgeously rich 100% BFL.

Brick Wall Yarn’s Baffle in Graceful Descent is another 100% BFL (I’m sensing a trend…) in sunny, almost stripy hues.

Countess Ablaze’s incredible Delight is a basic 75-25 wool/nylon, but what colour!

Countess Ablaze won my search for a new yarn to play with hands down. Every time I clicked on a thumbnail, it turned out to be another amazing Countess Ablaze. ‘Ablaze’ really is right! The colours are just spectacular. I had enormous trouble choosing just one.

I’ve been mostly knitting garments lately and perhaps as a result, I’ve got such a craving for some lace. I’m thinking Countess Ablaze’s merino/silk Evergreen or cashmere/merino Radioactive Raspberry Jam will be perfect for a delicate, if radiant shawlette.

*Made by Loumms does not accept responsibility for any purchases made as a result of exposure to these pictures. Made by Loumms does, however, apologise if they are all out of stock by the time you get to them.


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