we raced!!

3 Jul

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who supported us, whether through donations or coming along to cheer us on! We’ve managed to beat our donation goal!!! The whole experience was so motivating, we’re now thinking of doing another one in September. Here’s a little about the day:

Team Loumms warmed up and ready to run!

On 1 July 2012, Lou, Phil and I met with our beloved best to journey up to Blackheath for the south-east London 5k Race for Life. The sun was out; the bus stop was full of fellow racers. It’s easy to make friends when everyone you’re sitting with is kitted out in running gear!

The bus was naturally on diversion, so we had a good 3/4-mile warm-up before we got to the official site where a group warm-up would happen an hour later. I immediately wished I had a tutu or at least a flashing tiara that would normally only be appropriate for stumbling drunken hen parties. I felt quite dull in comparison!

We joined the joggers’ queue and were corralled through a long pen to the starting line. There were literally THOUSANDS of women! I think we were all a bit worried that there would be a jumbled mass fighting to break free, but they staggered the release and once we were given our ‘On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!’, everyone managed to thin out pretty quickly.

Phil looking deservedly pleased with herself!

Lou’s mum told us to shoot on ahead rather than wait for her, so we did — and for about 2.5 km, I managed to keep up with Louisa before a stitch in my side got the better of me and I had to slow and then power walk until it subsided (forget an Achilles’ Heel, mine is always Achilles’ Rib). The path ran parallel along the 3-3.5 km mark and we waved at each other in passing! I think I can speak for both of us when I say that once we saw the 4 km mark, we bolted. (UPDATE! Lou didn’t even see the 4 km mark! She was too focussed on making it to the end to need a boost!) As soon as I saw it my competitive side got the better of me and I started running properly. I nearly flagged again but then the 500 m sign came up and I knew I had to keep going! I managed to keep it steady right through to the finish line, but I wish I’d followed Louisa’s lead and gone for the sprint over the last 200 m!

Lou at the finish line! Go, Lou!!

In the end, Louisa clocked in at a very impressive 25.56 minutes; I managed to get in at 28.22; and Phil crossed at 36 minutes! For our first proper race, I’m so chuffed with all of us!!

I’d already had a chance to catch my breath and put on my medal!

We’ve got the Just Giving site up for a little while longer, so if you fancy throwing a few pennies our way, please do!


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