wip it: paulie

5 Jul

When I went to Mexico in November, I very excitedly cast on Paulie by Isabell Kraemer. It’s a pattern I had wanted to knit for AGES. I knew I wanted to make it in Wollmeise in Versuchskaninchen — a gorgeous deep foresty blue/green, such a sublime colourway!  But it took a while to decide on what contrasting yarn to use. Finally, I went with Artesano alpaca 4-ply in a warm yellow.

Alas, it was not to be. The yellow wasn’t the right shade and the alpaca fibres kept getting on my nerves — plus, I knew that if it wound up in the wash, while the Wollmeise would do splendidly, the alpaca would felt immediately. I got all the way to my final hip increase and decided to rip out.

So that meant needing to find a new yellow in a new yarn, because there was nothing in my stash that would do. ARG! While I licked my wounds from ripping Paulie out, I decided to cast on a new project, which I naturally managed to finish in about four weeks (post to follow on this)!

But in those four weeks, I picked up a glorious warm orangey yellow in Colinette Jitterbug at Loop and the whole project has just been sailing ever since! I love these two together!

I started v2.0 25 May and now have a sleeve and a half to go before I do the collar. I think I’ve just about decided that instead of a button band, I’m going to try my hand at an i-cord edging and zip finish with this one. A zip will work with a shawl collar, right?


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    […] a sock and started its pair, I even nearly finished ripped out and am nearly finished again my Paulie! I think it’s partly because I started making myself make time to go running, or rather […]

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