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9 Jul


Despite my recent jumper/yarn posts, the evil, brainy monkey of knitting malaise had me in a headlock for months. Well, NO MORE!!! I’ve got that monkey beat.

June turned out to be an excellent knitting month — I finished Beatnik, I finished a sock and started its pair, I even nearly finished ripped out and am nearly finished again my Paulie! I think it’s partly because I started making myself make time to go running, or rather started making myself make time for myself!

I’m really hoping I can push this into July. The school year is almost to a close (no more crazy marking schedules, in any case!), so I feel like I can start fitting in yoga and knitting AND running without having to justify time spent away from planning, outlining, researching, marking, writing, reediting…

It definitely helps having a couple of projects waiting in the wings!

  • I’ve already swatched for the Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, in my gorgeous Bowmont yarn from Devon Fine Fibres (originally the nearly finished Welt and Rib Raglan sweater, which I tried on just before casting on the arms and decided it was NOT doing my waistline any favours).
  • I’ve cast on Juuli by Suvi Simola in Fleece Artist organic Merino aran weight — I love the pattern, but I think the gauge is too loose and the lovely richness of the yarn isn’t quite working with the leafy stitch pattern. I think I’m going to have to wait to knit this one when I have a little girl to knit for, in a springier (i.e. seasonal, not textural) yarn.*
  • So I’m now looking at Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman or Tinder by Jared Flood. Both patterns call for a worsted, and I think the FA will work better as a worsted yarn than aran!
  • I’ve got the most AMAZING yarn from Countess Ablaze in the works for Larch, also by Amy Christoffers.
  • And, last but not least, I’ve bought the Lakeshore Shawl pattern by Glenna C. to be knit up in the awesome Countess Ablaze aplaca/mulberry silk lace weight, as a present for Persons Unknown.

So basically, July will be full of Amy Christoffers and Countess Ablaze. It’s thematic (and they have palindromic initials — it’s thematic AND meant to be)!

Now I just need to get back on the yoga mat and I think by September I’ll start feeling like things are back to normal. Right in time for the school year to start up again!

* Incidentally, Juuli is part of the two-volume Hold Your Needles, a fab collaboration between Suvi and Mari Muinonen. There are so many patterns in that I want to knit! I ended up buying both e-books, and they are delightful. The children’s patterns are especially adorable.

** Also, the most fabulous post-grad secretary in my department pointed me in the direction of Park Run — has anyone participated in this? It’s a weekly (every Saturday) timed 5k through a planned route in a park, starting at 9 a.m. I’m so excited to do this!! I found running in the race really motivating, and I think this scheme will really help boost my performance. The first one I’ll be able to attend won’t be until 21 July, but I can’t wait.


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