little knitting

10 Jul

With everything that has been going in with the move, the DIY, unpacking, the paperwork and all of the dull boring things that go along with changing address I’ve not had a lot of chance to knit anything or begin any new projects so when I realised that me and my love had a weekend free to ourselves I took the opportunity to cast on a gorgeous little baby vest top that I’ve had in my Ravelry queue.

It is the Stripy StashBuster Baby vest by Sheryl Greenfield and it was a quick pleasurable knit!


I didn’t even mind sewing in all of my colours!

I went for a 70’s style colour pallet using the left overs from Emmm’s Wedding Lamp and a purple merino I found in my scraps drawer.


What a cute little top! And it’s got me back knitting which was the main thing!


I’m now continuing on with the tie I was knitting as a thank you gift for a friend before the crazy-mad-new-flat-buying-craziness’ started!
This is made using the left overs from my other wedding lamp!


It’s going to be a long ongoing project but it’s fun to knit and is slowly but surely shaping up nicely!


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