olympic heartbreak

8 Aug

My Ravellenic project has completed stalled. It’s the knitting equivalent to pulling a hamstring on the back straight, straining an Achilles tendon over the first hurdle, missing the bar completely and landing in the pole-vault pit shoulder first. With only two sleeves and the button band to go, I’ve had to rip out.

A week into the Ravellenic Games and I was flying along. My aim was originally to get as many WIPs finished as possible, but quickly turned into just getting my Tinder complete. I love this pattern and so although I have far less time than I did for the last Olympics, I’ve at least really been enjoying knitting on it. Which is a good thing seeing as I’m now going to have to reknit the entire thing.

My swatching had gone beautifully. I got just short of gauge on a thicker yarn, which means I would have been right on target for my size (MATHEMATICS!). On Monday, I had the back finished and ready to be blocked. On Thursday I had completed the left front. By Saturday I had completed the right front. Sunday I wound my second mega skein of Fleece Artist Organic Merino Aran and cast on my sleeve.

Notice anything?

These are not the same colour.

I bought them about three years ago from Purlescence back when it was run by Robynn, who was always super careful about this sort of thing, so even though there is no dye lot number I can be pretty sure they are from the same batch (NOTE: I’m not blaming the source in this AT ALL; it’s very clearly my fault as you’ll see). At the time, I untwisted both skeins and laid them between each other to check the colour and they blended in together beautifully, as though one. You couldn’t tell which strand came from which skein.

But a lot can happen in three years, including fading. I can only surmise that the paler skein is so because it used to live in the shelves that face my bedroom window, and our bedroom gets a lot of sun in the afternoons, which is what did the damage. Nonetheless, it’s heartbreaking. I’m going to have to knit the whole thing, as I should have done right from the start, interchanging strands to make sure the colours blend. Except now I’m worried that because these are So Very Different the finished piece will be noticeably striped. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I feel like such a dingus. I listen to the Knitmores, I should have known better: When gearing up for any major event like this, you have to put the hours into proper training. Lesson learned.


One Response to “olympic heartbreak”

  1. katie m. 8 August 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Oh, no! This is very disappointing. Maybe you can still win over hearts with your superior sportsmanship and determination to finish despite injury? Still … frustrating.

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