26 Oct


I just found moth eggs in my hand-knit sock box. And three disgusting cocoons. They’ve chewed through two socks!!! Not badly, only a couple of stitches on each. The invasion could have been much MUCH worse. But still. There are sandy little revolting eggs everywhere.

It’s an airtight box, too, and there’s no dead moth, so I have no idea how they got in. We don’t have any moths in our house. (I make weekly checks of EVERYTHING — stashes, fabric and yarn, current projects, the mattress, the sofa, our closets, the airing cupboard, the kitchen — such is my fear of moths. There is no evidence anywhere, knock wood, spit over the shoulder, etc.)

Unless one of those stinking stinkers came in from the garden managed to lay the eggs while the socks were hanging to dry in the summer? Or maybe one made it into our other sock drawer? I found two pairs of hand-knits in there that Matthew must have put away instead of returning them to the sock box after they’d been washed. Have I been felled by Trojan socks? Trojan socks!

I can’t even bring myself to take pictures. You’ll just have to imagine the horror.

I’m boiling them all now as I type. I’m going to freeze them as soon as they dry. And then line my now-disinfected sock box with lavender, cedar and insecticide.

Let this be a lesson: check your socks!!


One Response to “dooooooooooooooom”

  1. travelknitter 27 October 2012 at 7:20 am #

    Noooo! Every knitter’s worst fear! Remain strong, dear Emmms.

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