warm up for winter

5 Nov

Walking home from the cinema yesterday it hit me just how cold it is getting.

On Saturday night we were in the garden BBQ-ing some Beer Soaked Bratwurst and it was pretty warm as I only needed a cardi however suddenly it has decided to become icy!!

I really love an icy, snowy winter but now that I don’t have any soil or grassy area in the garden and everything I grow is in pots there becomes a much higher risk of the roots of my plants freezing in the winter months.

As I would normally dig holes in my soil and put my pots inside them to keep them snug I knew I needed another method, so I’ve been planning for a few months in preparation for the frost in the garden by collecting as much bubble wrap as possible.

This morning I went out and put my most vulnerable plants in the mini greenhouses (the chilli, the blueberry, the pond plants and the rush) and wrapped the remaining small potted plants in the bubble wrap.





Look at my lovely Chrysanthemum in bloom!!

There were plenty of new leaves on the ground so I gathered them up and placed a light layer over the soil of each pot too to keep in any heat and hopefully the leaves will decompose and collect the frost and not the soil directly. This method is pretty much taken from my old garden where I left all the fallen leaves on top of my plants over winter!!


I really hope that my trellis plants survive (clematis, honeysuckle and vines) as they are very delicate when in pots and they were doing soooooo well. I really need some good coverage next year to deter the crazy dog!!


Fingers crossed I’ve wrapped it all up warm enough I should maybe knit them little plant hats!!


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