new knitty, winter 2012

17 Dec

I was so happy when I opened up ‘Hot Right Now’ on Ravelry and saw that a new Knitty was out. Ahhh, fresh patterns! As ever there is a well-rounded selection to chose from, something for everyone. Here’s a round up of my favourite patterns from the bunch. Unusually for me, my favourites leapt off the screen at me — usually I dither and umm and ahh and faff for hours trying to decide which to highlight. Not so this time!

Starting with the Earlybird Socks, there is something about the textures and use of colour this year that really struck me. These socks are a really lovely case in point. The smooth, repeated lines are so satisfying. They almost look like the deep furrows of a ploughed field when seen from up high, out an airplane window, slowly arching round. The stitch pattern is one of my favourites, too. I think it’s the one that Lou used in the cuff of her Raspberry Ripple Socks.


Kittiwake, similarly, uses a really interesting, well-defined stitch pattern that looks like it would be fun to knit up. I’m nearly finished my Acer Cardigan and am consequently on a cables-and-lace kick. Kittiwake (oddly enough, one of the words I assigned my students for their spelling test just the week before I even saw Knitty’d come out) looks not only deeply satisfying to knit, but cosy and like it would fit beautifully. Mind you, Amy Herzog. Nuff said.


Two of the other cardigans in this Knitty also had me blown over. Iounn‘s gorgeous stranded work caught my eye initially, but the cuff detail and the amazing hemline are what sealed the deal for me. I bought a beautiful ginormous hank of teal merino at the Knitting and Stitching Show this year — practically the only yarn I bought there! — and I think it, paired with a soft dove grey or a daffodilly yellow, would make for a gorgeous Iounn of my own.


Rime’s the Reason is other other cardigan that I really liked. The name is not my favourite, but the construction is So Clever. I love the combination of buttons and zip, and the hood and in-built fingerless mitts are amazing added features — although it’s started to warm up a little here in London, last week I needed something that would keep me toasty. The zig-zaggy butterfly motif looks like it would definitely keep up knitterly interest, as would the protective hip panels.


Finally, as soon as I saw Lilaceous, I really wished I was getting married all over again. Or at least that this beautiful pattern had come out last year. It’s just so delicate, and so plush. It takes my breath away every time I look at it. I think I’m going to make one out of regular boldly jewelly sock-weight yarn and then another in the softest, most ethereal laceweight I can find. The description Derya wrote for it is equally lovely.



Honourable mentions go to rather fun mittens Caaaarbs!, the cardigan at the end of a really interesting article on Aran knitting in America, Ruth, and Argentière which has an amazing collar.

Note: All images slurped from itself.

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