new blue chair

15 Apr

When I found this wicker/bamboo?? chair on my old street about 4 years ago it was in pretty good condition, obviously unwanted for space reasons rather than aesthetic.

I had intended to use it in the house not the garden, however due to my freaky OCD style obsession with bed bugs the chair lived outside in the old garden and came with us to the new flat, living in this garden too!

When I saw the lovely BellaDonna chair I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago I just new that I could use the wicker/bamboo chair to recreate the look!
(I would love the original but shipping costs for a chair from Australia are a little excessive…….)

So I took myself down to B and Q and got together my equipment….


Thin wire wool, primer, paint, brushes and a dust cloth


I began by using the wire wool to sand down all of the flaking bits of wood and varnish


This gave a nice smooth finish


I then used one of the little brushes to brush down the entire chair getting into all the little corners


Then, using the dust cloth I made sure there was no bits loose on the wood, cleaning it too as I went along.

Once this was done the chair looked like this


I then used a white primer, giving two coats to the entire chair


Once this was dry I could start on the main colour!!

After one coat


And finally after two coats


I think it will need a few more touches of paint but all in all I’m in love with my new chair!

From shabby


To stylish




One Response to “new blue chair”

  1. emmms 16 April 2013 at 10:31 am #

    It looks amazing!! Now all we need is a bit more sun and then you can sit on it too! Are you going to make a cushion for it?

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