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new blue chair

15 Apr

When I found this wicker/bamboo?? chair on my old street about 4 years ago it was in pretty good condition, obviously unwanted for space reasons rather than aesthetic.

I had intended to use it in the house not the garden, however due to my freaky OCD style obsession with bed bugs the chair lived outside in the old garden and came with us to the new flat, living in this garden too!

When I saw the lovely BellaDonna chair I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago I just new that I could use the wicker/bamboo chair to recreate the look!
(I would love the original but shipping costs for a chair from Australia are a little excessive…….)

So I took myself down to B and Q and got together my equipment….


Thin wire wool, primer, paint, brushes and a dust cloth


I began by using the wire wool to sand down all of the flaking bits of wood and varnish


This gave a nice smooth finish


I then used one of the little brushes to brush down the entire chair getting into all the little corners


Then, using the dust cloth I made sure there was no bits loose on the wood, cleaning it too as I went along.

Once this was done the chair looked like this


I then used a white primer, giving two coats to the entire chair


Once this was dry I could start on the main colour!!

After one coat


And finally after two coats


I think it will need a few more touches of paint but all in all I’m in love with my new chair!

From shabby


To stylish




ooooh I like that!!!

27 Mar

This week I’m totally loving stripes!

I go through phases of stripes versus polka dots but for a while now striped have been on top……

So this yarn is right up my street


Mind the Gap from Trailing Clouds

This week I’m also dreaming of sunshine and getting outside to begin painting my garden furniture.
My plan is to try and re-create this beauty from NeonVintageDesigns


My new kitchen tiles have to be on my love list this week, my dad spent the weekend creating this masterpiece


More on the kitchen next week………..

good ole ginger biscuits

23 Mar

One of me and my love’s favourite things to do is make and drink cocktails!

We have a bunch of staple favourites, one of which is a Ginger Beer cocktail ‘Shakey Pete’s Ginger Ale’ from the steak restaurant Hawksmoor’s recipe book. (The book is also our favourite recipe book ever! Think Mac and Cheese and all you could want to know about steak)


This cocktail calls for a ginger syrup made from real ginger pieces and this weekend it was time to make some more syrup.
So with the left over sweet ginger pieces I decided to make some Ginger Biscuits!!!



Spicy Ginger Biscuit Recipe


Makes 16 biscuits
100g self raising flour
50g butter (not too soft but not straight from the fridge)
50g light brown sugar
1 heaped tbsp golden syrup
1 heaped tbsp molasses
1 heaped tbsp sweetened ginger pieces (made using the Hawksmoor recipe) or candied ginger
1 tbsp ginger
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp all spice
1/4 roughly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 180 Celsius
In a large mixing bowl, sift the sugar, spices, pepper and bicarbonate of soda, and mix well.

Using the tips of your fingers, mix in the butter so you end up with a breadcrumb texture.
Gently stir in the sugar.
Add the Golden Syrup and Molasses, then the ginger. (Dipping the spoon in boiling water before spooning the molasses makes life easier)

Mix together initially with a spoon…

then with your hands, and ball up into 16 balls.
Place these balls on a baking tray and gently press each one

Bake in the oven for 12-15 mins until cracked and golden brown


Bo Peep Edition Three

20 Mar

Thanks to a new piece of errata pointed out to me today by Jen, I’ve edited Bo Peep Edition Two to be Bo Peep Edition Three with the new findings!

I really hope that I have managed to include all of the previous errata in this version but I’m also aware that we make errors all the time and possibly have not caught everything.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has knit this pattern using the previous two editions as you are obviously a complete genius!!

Me and Emmms write our patterns on the side of living our normal lives and jobs and don’t have a pattern editor so from time to time we get emails from amazing knitters pointing out things we’ve missed or typed wrong, we are very grateful for you doing so!!

For anyone who still wants to work off the previous two editions:  ERRATA FOR BO PEEP 18/10/11 AND BEFORE


too many shawls?? – never!!

17 Mar

When I decided to knit my sister a shawl for her 30th birthday I didn’t think it would take me this long to pick one!

Her birthday was on 28th Feb!!

I knew I was leaving it late as I still hadn’t finished my brothers socks, (due 19th Jan! Still waiting to be posted!) but even though I’m never normally on time with knitted gifts, this is even late for me!

The first point I was stuck at was picking the yarn. I gave Jen six options and she got it down to two……


Wollmeise Pure in Petite Poison



Madeleine Tosh, Tosh Sock in Moss

Eventually I decided to go with the Wollmeise as Amethyst is her birth stone and I wanted a shawl with more delicate drape than comfort squish.

Other than finishing Adams socks and picking a yarn, my main issue was that I couldn’t decide on a pattern. I had a few ideas in my head but wanted it to be special and perfect for her. So I took to Ravelry to see if it would help.

Looking through Ravelry just made it harder, there are so many amazing shawls out there, all pulling me in different directions!

So I decided to put together my favourite five shawls and compare them all together to help me decide.

The greatest thing about Ravelry is having the ability to see many knitters versions of patterns, it different yarns, weights and colours.

The pics shown are a mixture of the designers own and other Ravelry knitters projects.

I love the bold, determined style of Trilinear designed by Cindy Garland, but the thought of having to make another decision for the second colour has put me off this but has also put this at number eight in my Ravelry queue!


© Wild Prairie Knits

The delicate draping leaves of The Lonely Tree Shawl designed by Sylvia Bo Bilvia are just gorgeous and the border adds such a pretty finish but I didn’t want a block lace pattern for the entire shawl. (I think this would be awesome in another yarn in my stash too)


© Sylvia Bo Bilvia

The shape of Lazy Katie has me obsessed! Brigit Freyer has designed a work of art in this shawl but it needs a bold, colourful, variegated yarn to create the brilliant effect.


© BonnieRed

Semele Shawl designed by Asa Tricosa is practically perfect, it has a delicate drape a base of stockinette stitch and pretty lace border, I think it has made the final cut….



Whenever I think to knit a shawl my default designer will always be Susanna IC and Oslo Walk is fantastic. I love the dangling ice crystals and the yo’s breaking up the main section of the shawl. Susanna’s construction is always a winner for me so into the final it goes…


© OrangeLauren

The final decision has been hard but due to the weather at the moment being so cold and so icy I’ve made my choice…..

The winner is Oslo Walk!!

little elephant apron

15 Mar

I wanted to make my niece something practical for her birthday this year so decided on an apron as both her and her parents love to bake!


I had the awesome elephant print linen fabric from Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally last year from the great and wonderful Eternal Maker so decided to use that with some pink polka dots cotton left over from another project and green polka dot light flannel for the ties!


It’s so cute and she loved it!!!!!

monsters for poang

25 Feb

My fabric arrived this weekend and after flying my Robert Kaufman Monster fabric around the living room trying to figure out how to use it, it landed on Poang the Ikea rocking chair and gave me the best idea!!

My own ikea hack!!


A Monster cover for Poang!!

I only ordered a yard so I searched and searched for a UK based seller who still has some in stock and thankfully eventually found Plush Addict

A meter more is on its way to me!
Can’t wait to get sewing this one!!!!