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ooooh I like that!!!

27 Mar

This week I’m totally loving stripes!

I go through phases of stripes versus polka dots but for a while now striped have been on top……

So this yarn is right up my street


Mind the Gap from Trailing Clouds

This week I’m also dreaming of sunshine and getting outside to begin painting my garden furniture.
My plan is to try and re-create this beauty from NeonVintageDesigns


My new kitchen tiles have to be on my love list this week, my dad spent the weekend creating this masterpiece


More on the kitchen next week………..


little elephant apron

15 Mar

I wanted to make my niece something practical for her birthday this year so decided on an apron as both her and her parents love to bake!


I had the awesome elephant print linen fabric from Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally last year from the great and wonderful Eternal Maker so decided to use that with some pink polka dots cotton left over from another project and green polka dot light flannel for the ties!


It’s so cute and she loved it!!!!!

monsters for poang

25 Feb

My fabric arrived this weekend and after flying my Robert Kaufman Monster fabric around the living room trying to figure out how to use it, it landed on Poang the Ikea rocking chair and gave me the best idea!!

My own ikea hack!!


A Monster cover for Poang!!

I only ordered a yard so I searched and searched for a UK based seller who still has some in stock and thankfully eventually found Plush Addict

A meter more is on its way to me!
Can’t wait to get sewing this one!!!!

lots of love and stuff

15 Feb

Following on from all the love that was Valentines Day yesterday, I decided to share pics of a couple of things that I’m loving loads at the moment!!

First up are these fab fabric prints I’ve ordered from FabricWorm
Can’t wait till they arrive as I have big plans for home furnishings!

Monster Mash – Robert Kaufman


Jacqueline Savage McFee – Hot Chocolate


Unfortunately this little beauty was out of stock

Joel Dewberry – Primrose Midnight


Since we moved house last year we have been gathering together bits of furniture and this bookshelf has been on the wish list for a while

From Etsy seller A Little House in the Country


I would also love a pair of these sofa legs from Pretty Pegs to give our Ikea couch the final touch but just can’t decide which colour


I’ve been knitting my brother some birthday socks with this amazing skein of Wollmeise yarn. It’s a Nobody’s Perfect skein of Twin in Grapes for Sheri.


I’m excited to finish the socks however so I can cast on the Inspira Cowl by Celery Stalk as I’m in love with it’s depth of warmth and cosiness.

This final item only made my love list yesterday and unfortunately isn’t for sale as its an Ikea Hack!

Ikea Hackers – A Tertial Chandelier


animals and caravans

26 Sep

I just wanted to share some of the fabric which is really doing it for me right now!!


Retro Lobsters by Blend Fabric
(dreaming of making oven gloves with this)


Penguins by Nancy Wolff for Kokka


Out ‘n’ About by Caleb Gray


Little Fishes also by Caleb Gray
(needs to become a shirt for a friend who loves fishes)


Urban Zoologie Turtles by Ann Kelle for Michael Miller


And this awesome lion fabric which I have completely forgotten everything about!
I’ll try and remember and edit this later!!

However this is my ultimate favourite,


Foxes by Monaluna Anika which was the inspiration for our ‘We Love Foxes’ post
(the fabric me and Emmms had has now been shared in half and my part is the front of a cushion in my spare room!)


the knitting finishing goddess

12 Aug

Anyone who knows me also knows that I hate sewing up my larger knitted garments.

It is strange considering how much I love actual sewing but sewing up the seams of say a sweater always fills me with dread!
I finish my knitting, block my knitting then sit there looking at the pieces of fabric hoping they will just magically join together.

I think it’s mainly because I’m not very good at it. I always lose where I am, I get impatient with the fabric, I try to do it right but I always end up with a seam that looks like a 4 year old has sewn it!

I do plan to take a class in finishing at some point but I’m always too late whenever I spot one and they are often booked up. Does this mean that others have the same problem???

For the meantime until I get myself into a class I will be using this fab little machine.


It was given to me by a work friend who is aware of my woes of knitting sewing (she often sews things for me!)

Its about 25 years old, has no brand name and my friend can’t remember where she got it so I’m very interested if anyone can shed some light on the history of these things!

I’ve searched the web and can’t seem to find anything about it or if there are modern versions available (which I’m sure there must be!)

You place your two pieces of knitted fabric together, insert them into the little pins around the edge,


thread the needle with your yarn


and turn the wheel.


The magic machine does the hard work for you!!

I can wait to put it to use so will be starting a new sweater next week knowing that I will be sewing seams with ease!!

cute baby goodies!!!

31 Jan

Well now that the baby is here I have all the excuses to sew up some adorable baby accessories!!!
So today I started making some bits to send up to my sister. If she likes them and they come in handy I might make some more for loummsmakesmore!!!!

I decided to start with re useable baby wipes in a mixture of different fabrics so she can see which works the best

I did cotton lined with cotton,

Cotton lined with a fleecy fabric

And fleecy fabric lined with a soft corduroy

I also made up a set of wipes

Burp bib,


And drawstring bag!!

Tomorrow I am on to the disposable wipes cover!!!

I really hope she likes them!!!