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which buttons do I choose???

28 May

Ive been knitting Blue Bird by Valerie Morris for my neice Annabelle and although I’ve now finished knitting, have sewn in my ends (althought there wasnt many as the cute little jumper is knit all in one piece) and have blocked it out, I just cant decide on what buttons to pick!!!!!!

Here are my options


green mottled buttons


pink and purple mix


three solid purple buttons


multi pinks


baby blue for the purple Blue Bird


Or creamy white circle buttons


I need some help!!!!!!



stash busting Paulie

8 May

So I’ve finally finished my stash busting Paulie cardigan and I love it!

Well, it is minus buttons but that can wait until the perfect buttons show their face, and a lack of buttons has never stopped me wearing anything in the past!


I decided to do this project to use up a chunk of my left over sock yarn as well as having a new summer cardigan!
I gathered together a bunch of colours that I thought worked well together a basically worked the colours until they ran out,
you can see in the pictures the change in colour stripes as I went along but as I kept to a strick colour pattern I think it works.
Using the same three colours for the thinner stripes helped keep the pattern together.
I decided to do rib cuffs and bottom band as I personally prefer the rib to the garter stitch for the way it sits but I kept the garter stitch for the collar section.


I really wanted it to include a hood so I worked a bunch more short rows in garter stitch after the collar until I go my desired shape!


I think it will be well worn and my stash is tidy and organised with will a few remaining left overs to work those little baby booties and socks that are akways needed at short notice!

The best thing is that whenever I wear it I can look at the different yarn colours and fibres and think about the projects I made originally!!!!!!!

too many shawls?? – never!!

17 Mar

When I decided to knit my sister a shawl for her 30th birthday I didn’t think it would take me this long to pick one!

Her birthday was on 28th Feb!!

I knew I was leaving it late as I still hadn’t finished my brothers socks, (due 19th Jan! Still waiting to be posted!) but even though I’m never normally on time with knitted gifts, this is even late for me!

The first point I was stuck at was picking the yarn. I gave Jen six options and she got it down to two……


Wollmeise Pure in Petite Poison



Madeleine Tosh, Tosh Sock in Moss

Eventually I decided to go with the Wollmeise as Amethyst is her birth stone and I wanted a shawl with more delicate drape than comfort squish.

Other than finishing Adams socks and picking a yarn, my main issue was that I couldn’t decide on a pattern. I had a few ideas in my head but wanted it to be special and perfect for her. So I took to Ravelry to see if it would help.

Looking through Ravelry just made it harder, there are so many amazing shawls out there, all pulling me in different directions!

So I decided to put together my favourite five shawls and compare them all together to help me decide.

The greatest thing about Ravelry is having the ability to see many knitters versions of patterns, it different yarns, weights and colours.

The pics shown are a mixture of the designers own and other Ravelry knitters projects.

I love the bold, determined style of Trilinear designed by Cindy Garland, but the thought of having to make another decision for the second colour has put me off this but has also put this at number eight in my Ravelry queue!


© Wild Prairie Knits

The delicate draping leaves of The Lonely Tree Shawl designed by Sylvia Bo Bilvia are just gorgeous and the border adds such a pretty finish but I didn’t want a block lace pattern for the entire shawl. (I think this would be awesome in another yarn in my stash too)


© Sylvia Bo Bilvia

The shape of Lazy Katie has me obsessed! Brigit Freyer has designed a work of art in this shawl but it needs a bold, colourful, variegated yarn to create the brilliant effect.


© BonnieRed

Semele Shawl designed by Asa Tricosa is practically perfect, it has a delicate drape a base of stockinette stitch and pretty lace border, I think it has made the final cut….



Whenever I think to knit a shawl my default designer will always be Susanna IC and Oslo Walk is fantastic. I love the dangling ice crystals and the yo’s breaking up the main section of the shawl. Susanna’s construction is always a winner for me so into the final it goes…


© OrangeLauren

The final decision has been hard but due to the weather at the moment being so cold and so icy I’ve made my choice…..

The winner is Oslo Walk!!

olympic heartbreak

8 Aug

My Ravellenic project has completed stalled. It’s the knitting equivalent to pulling a hamstring on the back straight, straining an Achilles tendon over the first hurdle, missing the bar completely and landing in the pole-vault pit shoulder first. With only two sleeves and the button band to go, I’ve had to rip out.

A week into the Ravellenic Games and I was flying along. My aim was originally to get as many WIPs finished as possible, but quickly turned into just getting my Tinder complete. I love this pattern and so although I have far less time than I did for the last Olympics, I’ve at least really been enjoying knitting on it. Which is a good thing seeing as I’m now going to have to reknit the entire thing.

My swatching had gone beautifully. I got just short of gauge on a thicker yarn, which means I would have been right on target for my size (MATHEMATICS!). On Monday, I had the back finished and ready to be blocked. On Thursday I had completed the left front. By Saturday I had completed the right front. Sunday I wound my second mega skein of Fleece Artist Organic Merino Aran and cast on my sleeve.

Notice anything?

These are not the same colour.

I bought them about three years ago from Purlescence back when it was run by Robynn, who was always super careful about this sort of thing, so even though there is no dye lot number I can be pretty sure they are from the same batch (NOTE: I’m not blaming the source in this AT ALL; it’s very clearly my fault as you’ll see). At the time, I untwisted both skeins and laid them between each other to check the colour and they blended in together beautifully, as though one. You couldn’t tell which strand came from which skein.

But a lot can happen in three years, including fading. I can only surmise that the paler skein is so because it used to live in the shelves that face my bedroom window, and our bedroom gets a lot of sun in the afternoons, which is what did the damage. Nonetheless, it’s heartbreaking. I’m going to have to knit the whole thing, as I should have done right from the start, interchanging strands to make sure the colours blend. Except now I’m worried that because these are So Very Different the finished piece will be noticeably striped. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I feel like such a dingus. I listen to the Knitmores, I should have known better: When gearing up for any major event like this, you have to put the hours into proper training. Lesson learned.

buttony update

13 Mar

A got my new Buttony finished last week and forgot to put up the photos!
Well I’ve not really taken it off since!


I took Emmms advice (smart woman) when it came to the sleeves and knit 2 inches longer than I thought I should knit as my sleeves always come out too short however they were still too short for my liking!

So I finally took it off, added extra length to the sleeves and managed to get some photos taken too so here it is!




all buttoned up

20 Feb

I managed to get my new/old cardi finished today!!


I had enough yarn to complete the sleeves to the length I wanted


and to put the stripes down the front button band.


I picked some of my favourite buttons from my stash, knit some I-cord loops and it was finished!


I’m so pleased and have not taken it off since!

A hodge-podge knitting success!

rip it up and start again

17 Feb

A few years ago I made a sweater out of some discount yarn I got in the winter sales.

I don’t normally knit with such chunky wool but thought it was a good deal so found a pattern I liked and got knitting.

I was never particularly pleased with the result and it got put aside.

I was going though my winter clothes a few months ago and came across it again, I left it out in the hope that someone would wear it but it still sat there.
So, on Sunday I decided to unravel the whole thing and start again!

I knew I wanted a cardi instead of a jumper but couldn’t find a pattern I liked in such a chunky yarn so I got knitting a basic raglan, top down, no sewing cardi.


I have been trying it on the whole time (great benefit of top down!) and pretty much blagging the whole project!

It has been quite fun to knit as I’m doing a lot of guess work, absolutly no measuring, not a guage in sight and no shaping planning mathematics, and I’m not actually sure that I have enough yarn to finish it the way I want! I like a risky knit!

I’ve already done a button band however I’m hoping to be left with enough yarn after the sleeves (which I want to be loooong!) to add a stripe or dark brown followed by a stripe of light brown to each front!

I’m planning on adding button loops and huge chunky wooden buttons to finish it off!!

I do enjoy hodge-podge knitting even though the results never always work out!!

Fingers crossed this one does!!