Profiterole Trees

All you need guide for growing your own veggies!!!!

Here is the step by step guide to potting your Tomato and Pepper plants

You will need:
1 mini greenhouse (supermarket profiterole desert tray or something similar)
1 pack of tomato seeds
1 pack pepper seeds
Bag of soil
7 toilet roll holders

1 small trowel (or your hands)
1 mist spray water bottle

Step 1: Fill the base of the greenhouse with soil and pat down


2: Push in your toilet rolls


3: Fill the toilet rolls with soil and pat down so there is a slight gap at the top


4: With your little finger, make a hole in the centre of the toilet roll and pop in a seed


5: Gently push the soil back over the hole and add a little more soil over the top, gently pat it down


6: Mark the toilet roll with a letter to define which seed is which


7: Give them a good spray


8: Set the plastic cover over the top but dont close it completely so air can get in. Place on a window sill and spray with the water every 2-3 days or so the soil doesn’t dry out


In 2-3 weeks you should have some seedlings!

I’ll add more on what to do next once the seedlings have grown.

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