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The Loumms Grow Your Own Soup kits give you everything you need to start your own garden: seeds, instruction and heaps of encouragement. Each kit comes in a pretty hand-sewn cloth bag, bearing individual seed packets and a little booklet containing detailed instructions for planting and care, as well as our twist on a classic soup recipe. Plus, we provide all kinds of extra tips and tricks right here on our blog.

They make fab gifts for the greenfingered and the blackfingered alike, and are great for anyone keen on becoming that little bit more self-sufficient but just need that little push in the right direction. Whether it’s a patch of land or a window sill, we’ll have you growing your own in no time.

The Loumms Grow Your Own Soup kits will be available at Made by Loumms as of 14 August 2009 — mark your calendars!

We strive to keep these packs as seasonal as possible, which means there’ll be a new batch of soup ready to sow every few weeks. Right now they are available in:

  • Rocket Fuel (rocket and basil),
  • Green Gazpacho (watercress and spinach),
  • Spicy Winter Squash (chilli pepper, butternut squash and pumpkin), and
  • Winter Vegetable (carrots, parsnips, squash and parsley).

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