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June in pictures

25 Jun

I love a good sunny day and thankfully I’ve been blessed with many during my week off!

Here’s a quick look through what I’ve been up to these long lazy days!

worshiping the sun with a ‘Happy’ Birthday cake


enjoying my new bike with Cycle Routes Map

cycle map

and a cycle to Crystal Palace to see Darwin and the Dinosaurs

dinosaurs dinosaurs 2

perfect weather to roast a chicken 

rotissery chicken

and to work on a new design


pottering around doing some potting

fuscia, salvia, dahlia snow lady, orangina, sunfire

enjoying the fruits of the raspberry bush


and kicking back in the evening summer heat making cushions and drinking local craft beer

beer and cushions


chocolate cake in a what??????

6 Feb

I overheard a conversation at work yesterday which stopped me in my tracks. They were discussing how to make a chocolate cake in a coffee mug. I thought I was hearing wrong at first, as how on earth can that be possible, but it really is! Emmms will shiver in disgust at this recipe as to cook the cake you basically nuke it in the microwave for 3 minutes!

I personally can’t make my mind up about this whole idea, to have a personal-sized chocolate cake, ready to eat in 5 minutes sounds too good to be true, but there again you kind of expect it to come out glowing green!

We located this recipe and decided to give it a shot! The results were interesting to say the least! The fear that it might explode at any minute mixed with the shock when it did start to rise was too exciting to put into words! Then once cooled and after a slight hesitation, we all dived in.  I think we didn’t add enough sugar, or didn’t mix it correctly as it tasted a bit bland, but with a bit of practice I can see how it might turn out quite well. Our desert chef tasted it and was disgusted! That probably says enough as he immediately ran off to make his own version which apparently takes only 14 minutes! Think I am better off getting this recipe from him!

Anyway, for a quick chocolate fix late at night this will work but I wouldn’t serve it to strangers at a dinner party!