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errata report — court line

11 Jan

A huge thanks to MomtoGBandH from Ravelry who PMed me last night to say, ‘Que? This can’t be right!’ and very kindly pointed out two bits of errata in Court Line.

The corrections were incorporated and the revised pattern can be found on Ravelry.

Susan, you are such a life saver! I can’t wait to see how your finished pair turn out.

If there are any other points that need clarification or if you have feedback you’d like to share, email me at loummsmail [at] googlemail [dot] com.


court line – lyos january 2009

6 Jan

court line

Pattern: Court Line, by erqsome knits

Yarn: Pagewood Farms St Elias  (450 yds/142 g)

Needles: 2.5 mm DPNs

Comments: Many years ago, my dad managed to score a job working for one of Britain’s largest airlines, Court Line. It was the late Sixties, a time when jet-setting was for only the privileged few. He joined at barely 20 years of age and very quickly learned to take advantage of the possibilities working in an airline offered. He flew wherever he could and as often as they would let him.

Today is not just the Loumms Year of Socks deadline, but it’s also my dad’s 60th birthday and these socks are my gift to him. They are inspired by all those adventures I grew up hearing about. The sight of the Alps as the plane brushed over top, the way you can see the curve of the earth from the cockpit and how just over the white cliffs of Dover there comes the silver gleam of the sun hitting the Mediterranean.

My dad is a mixed bag, he loves Thelonius Monk and Bach equally, Victorian spires and steel arches just the same. I tried to invoke this myriad contradictions by mixing clean industrial lines, which sweep down the foot, with the organic texture of a cabled rib that motled the back of the leg. It’s my version of the strange fusion of engine fuel and thorny hedgerows that still inspires my dad to explore the world.

‘Court Line’ is the fifth pattern released under the Loumms Year of Socks. You can

on Ravelry. It will be soon available on Etsy.

Please note, we are re-releasing all our Loumms Year of Socks designs as paid-for patterns. As well as re-tech-editing each pattern, we will be reformatting each pattern and offering tips, hints and clever ideas to make knitting these socks better than ever!